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Opengl resume


Finally, we invoke gluOrtho2D to set the clipping area with an aspect ratio matching the viewport. In the above main function, we specify the initial window size to x , which is non-squarish. Try re-sizing the window and observe the changes. Note that the reshape runs at least once when the window first appears.

It is then called back whenever the window is re-shaped. On the other hand, the initGL runs once and only once ; and the display runs in response to window re-paint request e. In the above sample, we positioned each of the shapes by defining their vertices with respective to the same origin called world space.

It took me quite a while to figure out the absolute coordinates of these vertices. Instead, we could position each of the shapes by defining their vertices with respective to their own center called model space or local space. Translation and rotation are parts of so-called model transform , which transform from the objects from the local space or model space to the common world space. OpenGL is operating as a state machine.

That is, once a state is set, the value of the state persists until it is changed. In other words, once the coordinates are translated or rotated, all the subsequent operations will be based on this coordinates. To perform animation e. The graphic system will call back the idle function when there is no other event to be processed. In the idle function, you could issue glutPostRedisplay command to post a window re-paint request, which in turn will activate display function.

Take note that the above is equivalent to registering display as the idle function. Double buffering uses two display buffers to smoothen animation. The next screen is prepared in a back buffer, while the current screen is held in a front buffer. Once the preparation is done, you can use glutSwapBuffer command to swap the front and back buffers. Double buffering should be used in animation.

For static display, single buffering is sufficient. Many graphics hardware always double buffered, so it is hard to see the differences. The following program rotates all the shapes created in our previous example using idle function with double buffering. In the above example, instead of accumulating all the translations and undoing the rotations, we use glPushMatrix to save the current state, perform transformations, and restore the saved state via glPopMatrix.

In the above example, we can also use glLoadIdentity to reset the matrix before the next transformations. We define a global variable called angle to keep track of the rotational angle of all the shapes. We will later use glRotatef to rotate all the shapes to this angle. At the end of each refresh in display , we update the rotational angle of all the shapes.

Instead of glFlush which flushes the framebuffer for display immediately, we enable double buffering and use glutSwapBuffer to swap the front- and back-buffer during the VSync for smoother display. We define an idle function, which posts a re-paint request and invoke display , if there is no event outstanding. We register this idle function in main via glutIdleFunc.

When double buffering is enabled, glutSwapBuffers synchronizes with the screen refresh interval VSync. That is, the buffers will be swapped at the same time when the monitor is putting up a new frame. It may operates at half the monitor refresh rate if the computations takes more than 1 refresh interval , one-third, one-fourth, and so on, because it need to wait for the VSync. With idle , we have no control to the refresh interval.

The Timer function will be called back at the specified fixed interval. The following modifications rotate all the shapes created in the earlier example counter-clockwise by 2 degree per 30 milliseconds. We replace the idle function by a timer function, which post a re-paint request to invoke display , after the timer expired.

This example shows a ball bouncing inside the window. Take note that circle is not a primitive geometric shape in OpenGL. We can register callback functions to handle keyboard inputs for normal and special keys, respectively. For the bouncing ball program, the following special-key handler toggles between full-screen and windowed modes using F1 key.

Try using GLU's quadric. For the bouncing ball program, the following mouse handler pause the movement with left-mouse click, and resume with right-mouse click. Call back when the window first appears and whenever the window needs to be re-painted. The rest of the program will be explained in due course. The Core OpenGL models an object via a set of geometric primitives such as point, line and polygon.

OpenGL Utility Library GLU : built on-top of the core OpenGL to provide important utilities such as setting camera view and projection and more building models such as qradric surfaces and polygon tessellation. GLU commands start with a prefix " glu " e. GLUT is needed to interact with the Operating System such as creating a window, handling key and mouse inputs ; it also provides more building models such as sphere and torus.

GLUT commands start with a prefix of " glut " e. Quoting from the opengl. GLUT is simple, easy, and small. GLEW provides efficient run-time mechanisms for determining which OpenGL extensions are supported on the target platform. A standalone utility called " glewinfo. I shall explain the program in the following sections. OpenGL as a State Machine OpenGL operates as a state machine , and maintain a set of state variables such as the foreground color, background color, and many more.

In a state machine, everything shall remain until you explicitly change it! This is needed as C Language does not support function overloading. Different versions of the function need to be written for different parameter lists. The convention can be expressed as follows: returnType gl Function [][sifd] type value , GLboolean unsigned char with 0 for false and non-0 for true.

GLsizei bit non-negative integers. GLenum bit enumerated integers. For examples, glVertex3f 1. Callback Handler display The function display is known as a callback event handler. It takes the same arguments as the main. The coordinates x , y , in term of pixels, is measured in window coordinates, i. The OpenGL graphic system calls back this handler when it receives a window re-paint request.

In the example, we register the function display as the handler. Color We use glColor function to set the foreground color , and glClearColor function to set the background or clearing color. The 'A' or alpha specifies the transparency or opacity index, with value of 1 denotes opaque non-transparent and cannot see-thru and value of 0 denotes total transparent.

Design, implementation and optimization of NPR features and materials for the artists. Supervision of the continuous integration, in particular the workflow to upgrade UE4 while retaining extended modifications to its rendering source code. Technical lead of Magna Memoria 6 , from early prototypes to release on the market ; management of a team of 10 programmers, mentoring, set up of tools automated builds, issue tracking and policies code reviews, unit testing. Tool development, including implementation of a mesh importer, profiling of an existing rendering on a new platform, specification of a bug reporting library, maintenance of a particles effect editor, implementation and unit testing of a shader editor.

Implementation of applications 7 example from A to Z within teams of two or three programmers; products include a videos browsing app, a front-end for an image signing app, an e-book reader, a learning app for small kids with drawing recognition , a showcase for a car. Tool development, specification and implementation of the NPC interface and avatar customization interface in a persistent world game, specification and implementation of an automatic camera system in a multiplayer car racing game.

Geographic data processing, implementation of new features for the rendering engine, especially weather effects like fog or volumetric clouds 9 screenshot on Flipcode. Courses included ergonomics, machine learning, natural language processing, computer graphics, and a four months research internship.


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