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Find ms word resume templates resume format for engineers experienced

Find ms word resume templates


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Want a basic resume to get yourself started? This is a great one for inputting your objective statement, experience, and skills. Want a resume that makes it easy to put your jobs in chronological order and send it off? Want to spruce up your resume without changing too much of the formatting? Try putting either your headings or subheadings in a different font. This black block will stand out amongst a sea of white resumes.

Adding in colorful lines to your subheadings or your personal logo can add special touches to your resume without taking away from the content. Borders are an easy way to add more color to your resume and also take up space without being distracting. You can add a little color on your resume without making it the color of a highlighter. This resume template is made for professionals who want an elegant yet modern resume.

Journalists and copywriters can lean on this template to both showcase management experience and also their skill sets. Want to stand out? This template is great for catching the eye of hiring managers. Adding a few icons can be a nice touch to a resume, especially one for creative or design positions. This template makes your resume look a little more chic. Pastels are your thing? Feeling bold?

Submit a black resume and see what happens. Want to add a longer profile about yourself to your resume? This template lets you do it. This resume is colorful, straightforward, and easy to read. Feeling blue? This template flips the typical resume setup on its head, which could work in your favor during the application process.

This resume is so cool, recruiters will be stunned with amaze-mint get it? Purple is an unconventional resume choice, but it may serve you well in some professions. This resume template includes a summary section, which is ideal if you are changing careers or have recently graduated. This sleek design keeps your personal branding consistent across the board. It comes with both a resume and cover letter template.

This light resume template features clean lines and ample white space to let your credentials shine. This colorblock template is ideal for creatives who want their resume to stand out. Its text-centric layout coupled with colored headings makes it professional, but not too serious. Ideal for jobseekers who have a myriad of information to present. There is a section for a summary, education, experience, awards, skills, social media, and contact details. This clean template has a section to chart your skillset.

The understated, yet elegant, layout is something you can use throughout your career. The large heading font and logo makes your name stand out more. Best suited for jobseekers in less formal fields. This stylish resume features a calming blue header and comes with a matching cover letter template, too! You can use icons and progress bars to visually demonstrate your skill set, language ability, and hobbies.

This template features a unique way of presenting your professional skill set — a Venn diagram! It also comes with an accompanying portfolio and cover letter template. This comes with an accompanying cover letter template — perfect for design-minded employers and jobseekers. This word resume template walks the line between funky and professional.

Ideal for those who intend on applying to a creative role. Need a variety of resumes at your fingertips? And don't forget to check out our handy cover letter template too! If you really want to impress employers, you need the right skills. Learn some of the most in-demand skills that many hiring managers expect to see on your resume with our on-demand online training. Master Microsoft Word , become an Excel ninja, start managing projects like a pro, or learn to code — the choice is yours.

If you're interested in building your resume using another Microsoft product, look no further than this Excel Resume builder. Lily Herman is a New York-based writer and editor. Follow her on Twitter. Please login or sign up to comment. Why would you recommend not to use an objective, too many graphics and formatting for ATS, but then a lot of them include Objective statements and way too much formatting for an ATS. Is this for real? What a crock of crap!

This is stupid why can't I download them form the web page. Great article, but please never add photo to your resume! It's a huge no-no. I would also recommend to check the www. Fantastic collection, I like it. Thanks for this nice selection of resume templates Make a free resume, get multiple CV exports and apply on as many jobs as you want!

You rock! But, you MUST already know that. Thank you. Thanks Lily! By far, the most popular feature of the Teams platform is the Microsoft Teams video conference. Learn all about it in this ultimate how-to guide. Deliver flawless presentations by learning how to choose the best font for PowerPoint presentations.

Toggle navigation GoSkills. Search for courses or lessons Search. Mint Coloured Resume pack with the option of adding a photo. Together with a mint cover letter and business card. Clean, modern and clear Purple Word resume that you can download and edit freely. Red and Blue Resume pack with cover letter and business card in the same style Personal use only. This Helvetica red resume is not for everyone. A strong, red, distinctive design. A blue Creative Resume Design with accompanying a blue cover letter, thank you letter and business card.

Basic, minimal design with the option of a photo. Keep it black and orange or change it all up. For personal use only. Orange Resume with graphs and a photo option. Edit all details to your personal situation. Download and edit freely. Happy, retro, feminine and vintage resume template.

ResumeViking Use the resume tool which is the ideal help to spin out 18 different resume designs with a one-click download. Edit at any time. Perfectly scaleable. Very great formats, but almost Impossible to edit to add my own information.

Can you ensure that you make it easy for non-technical people to edit it later. I clicked on the link to download the "Three Shades of Grey" and only a picture of the template came up on my screen. The document would not download. Thank you, very helpful. This site needs more traffic and attention! Have a nice day from The Netherlands. Functional Format This functional resume format. All Word versions Functional Executive format. Chronological Format Impressive and professional-looking resume.

All Word versions Chronological format. Chronological Format. Simple Perfection Word document Chronological Word Simple and Formal. Charlotte Worthy Avenir Resume. Connor Grey Grey Resume. Georgia Fleck Basic, minimal design with the option of adding a photo to your resume. John Smith A peculiar type of green design.

ResumeViking 1. Andrea Rowland Basic, minimal design with the option of adding a photo to your resume. Charlotte Anderson Your Rose Resume design, complimentary with cover letter and business card. Rose Resusme.

Sales and design resume A sales resume? Experience format Chronological ResumeViking Connor Green Modern resume design. Experience format Chronological ResumeViking 8. Charlotte Webb Basic, minimal design with the option of adding a photo to your resume. Mint Mint Coloured Resume pack with the option of adding a photo. Mint Resume. Purple Clean, modern and clear Purple Word resume that you can download and edit freely. Purple Resume. Stolz Basic, minimal design with the option of adding a photo to your resume.

Stolz Resume. Funky Flavour Our own production: The Funky Flavor resume with accompanying cover letter and business card. You need to download the TT Norm font to get the same results. Three Colours Resume. Red Blue Red and Blue Resume pack with cover letter and business card in the same style Personal use only.

Experience format Chronological Red Blue Resume. Helvetica Red This Helvetica red resume is not for everyone. Experience format Chronological Helvetica Red Resume. Therapist Basic, minimal design with the option of adding a photo to your resume. Experience format Chronological ResumeViking 5.