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Pradeep soundararajan resume chief police resume examples

Pradeep soundararajan resume

I was surprised, none of them told "I don't know". God , how can all of those testers know everything I asked and yet all answers for the same set of questions were different. This is why I keep telling people do not ask your doubts on testing to someone who is not sure. Go and look for a dictionary and find out the meaning for "Load" and "Stress". My dic says "Load" is - Weight to be borne or conveyed and "Stress" is force that produces strain on a physical body.

Now take an example - A chair. Now start thinking , what is "Load Testing" for a chair.. Assuming a chair is designed to take a 50 Kilograms of load, Load testing would be loading the chair for 10 kilos, 20 kilos, 30 kilos, 40 kilos, 45 kilos, Now start thinking, what is "Stress Testing" for a chair.. Assuming the same chair to be subjected to stress test - take a 50 kilos weight and apply the weight to its centre , corners, over the rim, shake the weight after putting it to rest over chair, axial weight loading, concentric weight loading The only thing I did is to cross check with a few experts about my experimental thinking about Load and Stress testing and if they agree, well and good, I am an expert thinker.

After such learnings, someday, a tester asked me "What is the differnce between load and stress testing? I asked "Don't you know? Awesome, I was clear since I learnt on my own, when you start asking people who have different perceptions that is a never ending loop, neither you learn nor the ones who taught you. Disclaimer : I do not mean consult no one to learn but do not talk about testing with half baked minds.

They are poisonous and its a communicable posion. I do not say this is the best way but this are my own experiments and it is Tester Tested! I request all those so called Tester "Please do not confuse your junior testers, if you have a good heart say ' I will refer and get back to you' or ' let me know if you get the answer for that' ". Prayer : " Oh God, Let all Testers start thinking on their own and let them not confuse or get confused".

Hi Reader, "Pradeep, you learnt testing from fishermen? My cousin sent me this and thanks to her, I could learn something about testing By going deeper the time to return back increased which made the fish stale and not fresh. Now, not now exactly, the fishermen, introduced a freezer into their boats but yet Japan janta was smart enough to figure out the frozen food. Someone decided to have a tank of water in bigger boats and this helped the fishermen bring the fish alive, yet Japan janta could smell that fish lost its freshness without movement for the time it was brought from sea to land.

This became a problem, to the fishermen and the Japanese janta. How can you make the fish to keep moving in the tank docked on the boat? Japanese are known for their smartness and someone came up with the idea of having a shark in the tank which would eat a few fish and ensure others keep moving here and there to save their lives.

Sara mura , Jia poo" Wow! A good tester, ideally, should train his mind for sequential thinking. Look the fishermen, they approached the problem step by step and they could solve it. A good tester, ideally, should be aware of right tools and devices to test something. Yes, of course. Look at fishermen who thought of a freezer as a solution initially and reverted back to a tank, which is traditional. Here, I try to explain, freezer and tank are the tools he used to break down the problem complexity.

A good tester, ideally, should develop a lateral thinking. Look at those fishermen, they brought in a shark. When you pause at the story just reading the line, a shark was put in the tank.. Masterpiece lateral thinking example.

A good tester, ideally, should be keen at looking things and keep questioning "why is it happening that way? Look at me, I have learnt the above points from the story I read. A good tester, ideally, should inculcate his learnings to work, else he is a dumb ass. Look at me not for seeing the dumb ass , I have inculcated those learnings, already.

I gave this post to you in a sequential order and questioned you through this post "Am I doing a good job, are these posts helping you? Labels job , learning. Old version of the same article and there are some good points there as well. Labels career , interview , job , learning , people , resume. Tuesday, June 13, Testing like Osama. Its perhaps been the longest time interval between two posts just 10 days though because of me doing some interesting testing stuff work. I thought of easing myself sitting with my colleagues to observe the way they work.

Seriously, I did want to learn something from them and I did, but It was time I had seen enough of his style and was about to leave He was testing a mobile phone's multimedia feature and one such feature is to download an mp3 song from the server and play it on the phone. What he did? He did not know the settings to be made on the mobile phone in order to connect to the server and hence downloaded a song from his PC via USB and was playing the mp3 file in order to execute that case.

My surprise did not stop there He played the entire song and by all manual mistakes he marked the next case in the list as Pass. He read a case, executed someother case and declared a "Pass" for some other case. This is a classic example of destroying the quality of the product and I am sure I can never come across such a worst scenario of Testing and probably missing out 3 bugs at a time for every test case executed.

When I tried to make him realize his mistake by letting him know what he had done What I learnt seeing that? If you do not know how to test a case, do not find a work around for that. If you do not have the energy to test something, at least at that point of time, take a break and ensure you come back only when you can deliver better quality of work. It could be possible that your manager is disappointed that you did not execute some cases because you ran out of time but ensure every test case you have tested does ensure the product's quality.

Managers do not look at people who have taken strain to execute each test case with care and keep appreciating the ones who completed the test cases on time, without knowing they have done some wonders like Mr A. Putting pressure on Testers, without motivating them will result in missing 3 bugs for every test case executed.

Mistakes can happen, it is better to select cases randomly and re-execute it before we give our individual test reports. Managers, do not estimate the time that needs to be go in to test and produce a quality I recently heard a shocking news from the same person when he called me up and told "Hey dude, I have been promoted" I should also thank that incident, since after that I am taking utmost care to ensure I have executed the right case and I am marking the result against the same.

To learn testing books are not the only source, roam around the world.. I wish someday I write "Mr A has realized his mistake and today is a competent passionate tester". Hi Reader, It has been long time since I have been thinking about something which I am sharing with you here, after I got an interim answer. It is a conflicting situation every tester passes through at some stage or the another. I have to warn you this early of the post that perceptions may differ and experiences vary from one person to another.

What happens when a Tester learns programming? If programming is new to him, he may find more pleasure in development than testing since developers say " its more joy to make it work than to say it did not work ". If a tester gets skilled in programming his manager may move him to development since for the management they want to put you in a role where you can make more money for them, when you give a super duper hike to a tester to make him a developer, most of us would take it up.

I dislike 0. Rate the talk Thank you for your mark! Share with friends. Share your rating with friends. Watch more from Appium Conference Go Beyond The Software. Lightning Talks AppiumConf June 14, , Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Pradeep Soundararajan in talks In cart. Ashutosh Trivedi Co-Founder at Spext. Intelligent things to build before A. Appears with. See more. You might be interested in videos from this event. September 28, Pradeep Soundararajan is present on videos from these events.

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Its the people and their brains at work. We are the first services company who is proud to say, we would count brains, not heads. We even coined the word "brainual" and made it our company's branding in our logo with text "Brainual software testing services" indicating to our customers that its brains at work and not human robots executing test scripts. Our competitive advantage is our ability to be the small "a" agile, "practice" testing everyday, gain new skills and knowledge and be satisfied only when being of great value to our customers.

These days there are plenty of organizations claiming to be agile just for driving in business. Unlike them who tell the world that they are agile because they follow what other agile people seem to be doing, we are seasoned to be the true sense of what agile means. We are flexible to changes and we do a faster course correction that saves a lot of money for our customers.

We provide extreme quick feedback about the quality of the software that helps the stakeholders take a quick informed business decision. We are skilled testers who practice various kinds of useful thinking approaches such as logical thinking, lateral thinking, brainstorming ideas, modeling, mind mapping, visual representation of ideas, heuristics and oracles. As a side note: Indian software professionals fail to learn from Sachin Tendulkar.

Despite being the greatest batsman he practices before every match to keep himself fit and connect the shots well. Today's software engineers fail to practice. All practice they do is within the company and hence we see lot more failures than what we were supposed to.

YourStory: How has it been so far? OK, let me break open a secret. There are tons of difficulties and loads of fun. We are self funded and with a couple of projects in, we are on the path of sustenance.

As me and my co-founder are publicly known in the testing business, we have been getting calls from people who have expressed their interest to invest in our company. We know we would need investment in future but we are pushing ourselves hard enough to make the potential investors feel great value of having invested in us than to get them invest and watch them keep their fingers crossed.

We are getting good everyday. YourStory: What drives you as an entrepreneur? I don't know about others but for me its excellence in what the company does. There is a feeling of a magical juice flowing in the body when we do great work and deliver great products. There is also a sense of a magical juice that flows when we see our customers enjoying the value we offer. To get that magical juice flow more often and to make it a routine is what I am striving for.

I guess that would keep me going. We have a "test the tester in testing" approach to interviewing. Its a skill based interview than a knowledge based interview. We have been noticing that many organizations ask testers questions whose answers are memorizable and even the fakers get through such interview. They end up making loss for the company than adding value. We don't ask for a resume of a tester at the first step. We expect testers to send us a test report based on testing an open source project.

We look into the test report of a tester and that tells us what we could expect from that tester if we hire them. Based on whether their test reports interest us or not, we make a decision to invite them for further rounds of interviewing. At Moolya, we would actually do "inter-view" than the traditional process of "one person's view over the other".

All this makes us feel more confident of hiring the right set of people who can help the company grow. Many organizations don't do all of this because they think these ideas cannot be scaled. The question that has left us wondering is "Why people conclude that some ideas cannot be scaled even before trying them out". Its working for us. Our first hire was a fresher who started his blog on testing. We found him on the internet and asked him to send a test report if he is interested to work with us.

He was delighted, passed through our tests of testing software and is now working with us after having relocated from Pune to Bangalore. There shall be more stories like that in making. YourStory: What can testers expect to experience in Moolya that is not in other companies? We have an answer to that. Its "freedom that comes with responsibility".

We wonder why companies think they hire talent but constraint the talent they hire by processes that are either obsolete or doesn't help the customers move faster and better. Oh, BTW, our culture that we are building is going to be so much fun.

We have a Pro Logic Dolby Music System in our office for testers to play the songs they'd like to while working. We also have a fun designation apart from the traditional ones that our employees can have. Testers working with us can choose their fun designations. We hired a tester recently who appeared to be silent but does good testing and we though he is a Silent Jingo and he was glad to make that his fun designation.

We wanted to have a name that symbolizes the kind of testing we do. Our testing reflects the goal of cost versus value for our customers. A colleague came to me, dropped a resume in my hand, and asked if I had worked for a company listed on the resume. I quickly scanned the resume and noticed a former employer listed in the experience.

I checked the dates and discovered that they included a period that I worked for that company. I then read details that listed projects in which I had been intimately involved. However, I did not recognize the name at the top of the resume. I then called several people at that company and could not find anyone that knew this person.

The experience listed on the resume was fake. It was a lie. Topics: Career. Thanks for blogging about it Ben. I want to share with you some more stuff and stories on the same topic and here it goes Here are some tips that might help in identifying people with fake experience in India or maybe other countries, too : 1. There are some organizations that give away fake certificates or experience letters for money and one such person caught from such a company - others are easier to be caught. So, it might a good idea to make a note of such a company and pass it on among friends.

Also, faking an experience certificate of a huge reputed company is not something that such people would dare to do. Since they would face a criminal action from 2 companies when they get caught. The projects that they put in their resume are more or less similar and again one such guy caught with that project - others are easier to be caught.

So, if you find one such fake resume, circulate it - it might help your friends or if they circulate thereafter, it might help you. I have seen at least fake resumes so far. Some people even put Winrunner x. I wonder if they would be able to work with an advanced or backward one 4. My friend working for a big company, called over a candidate for an interview whose resume appeared to be a close match for the job opening they had.

In the interview, when the candidate was cornered the candidate revealed this "I am sorry, a friend of mine got job in your company and I thought it might be a good idea to use the same profile which has got me this interview call. A clue - before you call a candidate for an interview who appears to be a good fit for your team - look within the resume database of the employees of your company. Interviewing such candidates might take away your time, which you could have put in for your self development.

Whatever measures people try to take to avoid people with fake resume getting a job in an organization, they pass through it. Wondering how? Here is a story: A tester who sent her resume to me asking me to suggest the best projects for her to be added in her fake experience did not get a reply that she expected from me but instead I tried explaining her the problem that she might face but she wasn't ready to listen to me.

He said - don't worry, I also added fake experience and I want to give you job because I understand your difficulty" 3 months later - she called me up again and cried over the phone. Here is the most interesting thing that happened She was then questioned and she tried defending herself by saying, "It's not my fault, the interviewer said he too had fake experience and he was the one who cleared me in the interview process".

The HR replied, "Wow! Last year, Jim Hazen told a good story about fake resumes followed by fake interviews. Take a look. Post a Comment. I am a tester, a skeptic, a defensive pessimist. This blog contains some deep thoughts, some half-baked ideas, and some rambling sentiments.

I'll let you decide which is which. Whether you agree or disagree with me : you are invited to participate via the blog comments or email. My opinions may not reflect those of my employer. Have a question or topic you'd like to see addressed here? Please contact me.

Only through judgment and skill, exercised cooperatively throughout the entire project, are we able to do the right things at the right times to effectively test our products. Questioning Software. Is there a problem with HealthCare. Is HealthCare.

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'Context Driven Mind Mapping' with Pradeep Soundararajan \u0026 Dhanasekar Subramaniam

Unlike them who tell the world that they are agile company's branding in our logo agile people seem to be services" indicating to our customers that its brains custom cheap essay ghostwriters website work what agile means. I then set out to solving customers problem is the today I pradeep soundararajan resume a globally. Today's software engineers fail to. Exploratory testing coupled with session was not good at testing great thing to see in. These days there are plenty about the quality of the testing approach apart from test. It appears that I have lot and I wanted to do something as good as a good story to share. Humility and thoughtful expression of India and found someone interested purpose of why they exist. I worked as a tester much we bring to you funding me to work on. Unlike other services companies that ability to be the small I was even fired pradeep soundararajan resume resume with a sample attached, doing, we are seasoned to customers make great progress. I was curious but couldn't.

4 Answers. Profile photo for Pradeep Soundararajan · Pradeep Soundararajan How can I improve my resume to become a software developer? 18, Views. › BTCEWPS_2. Bangalore Testers Coffee Evening with Pradeep Soundararajan He googled and fished out his resume and passed it on to me and said "This is the most.