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Html i css resume


Built with Bootstrap 3, this is a robust theme for beginners and pros. I AM X also comes with documentation, so you'll know exactly how to use it. For those developers with us: first of all, fist bump! Second of all, you might enjoy this code-focused template. If you want to show off your portfolio in code, this is the one for you. If you're applying for a developer role, it'll likely go down well! Great for a visual CV, Miller has a nice, smooth feel to it as you scroll down, and has space for a big image of you or your work on one side of the template.

This beautifully designed website template will make you stand out for sure. The big splash image in the Kelvin Resume Template will help grab their attention, so they scroll down and read all about your education, work experience, skills, and portfolio. As the name reveals, it's a website template that shows off your creative side.

It's a little more engaging than a simple static page, and it suits job applications related to creative industries or web developers. Another template by the great people at Styleshout, Kards has timeline items, stats section, skill bars, working ajax form, frontend form validation, a portfolio section to showcase your works, and many more.

This One see what we did there is clean and dark - great for the minimalist in you. Easy on the eyes and easy to edit, give it a try! Sure, it's not specifically a CV template, but just like Toy Story, with a little imagination, it could be! You can quickly transform it into a website that shows off your work instead of a company's. If your portfolio is the main attraction, check out Pixfly.

If you have enough images to show off, this template can pop off the screen. It has a bit more room for customization than some of the others listed above. It even includes it's own grid, letting you rearrange parts of the template easily. Industrious is the only one on this list with a video background in the header, something you can use to grab their eye! As some of the templates before this one, it's not solely focused on CVs or resumes, but with a little elbow grease, we know you can make it work in your favor!

Far from gritty, cleaner and to the point, Grit will work well for a CV with your usual suspects, a portfolio and a blog. Fully customizable, they are fully hosted websites, so it will take a little longer to set up. It's worth it, however, for the impression you'll make. This beautiful dark theme is responsive, fully customizable, and even has the option to display content in various languages! With space for past experience, portfolio, and even a blog, this Personal WordPress theme could be your living, dynamic CV website.

Keep it updated regularly, and you'll be sure to stand out. As the title of the page suggests, this one is made for creatives. If you have a lot of visual work to show off - designs, photos, etc. While not a template that's necessarily pitched as a CV or resume template, Argent is very flexible and could easily be transformed into a resume and portfolio hybrid.

Whether you're new to the world of web or an experienced veteran, we hope you have found the template for your next CV. If you have any templates you like, be sure to leave a comment. For extra help in setting them up, check out our Intro to HTML course which shows you how to modify your template, step by step. And with such a professional looking resume, you'll probably want to brush up on some common interview questions for your field.

So check out our guides below, which will help you put your best foot forward:. Nick is a web developer, focusing on front end development and UX, as well as dabbling in any new technologies or frameworks that catch his eye.

In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, listening to metal, and being an all-round geek. Please login or sign up to comment. Use your LinkedIn profile to its full potential to market your personal brand and land your next dream role.

Here are some LinkedIn profile tips to help you. Resume adjectives can take your resume from good to great. Use this as your guide to stand out from your job search competition. Get ready to ace your next job interview by preparing for those tough interview questions and answers.

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Everything you need to get started with Development See resources. It is perfect for any high profile corporate professionals to showcase their work experience, skills, and achievements to prospecting clients. Another awesome resume template built using Bootstrap 4. Super clean and simple, the template is designed with minimalism at its core. You get the classic two-column layout, with one column used as a sidebar consisting of links to all the different pages — experience, education, skills, interests, and awards.

The template also has a lot of white spaces, which helps improve readability, ensuring recruiters get a bright look at all your credentials. If you are a creative professional, then this is an excellent resume template worth consideration. Another black and white design style, the design focuses on simplicity and minimalism with a lot of white spaces.

Also, being built on top of the Bootstrap framework, it is highly customizable and completely responsive. Besides all these, the template also bundles in a Carousel, which you can use to showcase and highlight featured aspects about your career.

Kelvin is built using the Bootstrap Framework and boasts a professional and modern looking one-page design. It is another great template for creative professionals looking to highlight their skills and portfolio on the market. It is meticulously detailed that will surely resonate with your experience and dedication in your craft.

Some notable features include button-based navigations, smooth scrolling, Ajax powered contact forms, and so on. Here we have another well designed professional looking resume template following a modern and minimalistic design language. It uses plenty of whitespaces to put your content in the spotlight.

Furthermore, the one-page design makes sure that a prospecting client gets to see every bit of information you intended them to see. Button based navigation is also provided so visitors can quickly jump between different sections.

However, the overall layout is inspired by the popular minimal design language using a lot of whitespaces and elevated UI elements to help highlight your credentials and work experience. On top of that, the one-page layout ensures that visitors will not face any navigation issues. Now, if you are a fan of one-page design styles paired with a two-column layout, then this is an excellent resume template for your consideration.

Designed with the Bootstrap framework, this template is completely responsive and mobile-friendly. Not only that, but it is super flexible and customizable, allowing you to personalize the look and feel according to your needs easily. Button based navigation is also bundled in so that visitors can easily jump to different sections. Osahan is yet another one page two column CV template inspired by the modern, minimal design language. The lefthand sidebar is basically the site menu and consists of navigation buttons to help visitors easily browse through the resume.

Each section also has dedicated tabs and buttons to provide additional information. A carousel is also provided to slide through various testimonials from your clients to add a little bit of social proof. The Resume template coming from Colorib is particularly designed for creative professionals looking to showcase their work and expertise through an online CV.

It is perfect for freelancers and job seekers looking to woo their prospecting clients with unique welcome banners, skill bars, and a dedicated qualifications section. All details can be conveniently structured in its one-page layout; however, you can still have separate pages to contain additional information. Here is an excellent resume template for professionals not interested in something flashy and just want their employers to focus on their skills and achievements.

As such, it is very much inspired by the minimal design style and uses a lot of white spaces and block UI elements to highlight your unique skills and what you bring to the table. Personal is a unique and colorful resume template, perfect if your industry favors bold characters. It is designed using the Bootstrap framework, which not only makes it fully responsive but also aids in customizability, which helps you to make the design even more personal. The template boasts the classic two-column design where the left-hand sidebar acts as the menu with navigation buttons to jump between the different sections.

It comes in three different versions to choose from, which are various color schemes for the same layout. The template also boasts Ajax powered contact forms to deliver a better user experience. Other notable features include a responsive design, one-page layout, unique navigation options, and a bunch of different sections to populate with your skills and expertise. If you are looking for a simple, straightforward resume template to post online, then this one is a good bet.

The left side shorter column contains your picture, contact details, social media handles, references, and other personal information. WebRes is a modern looking resume template designed for creative professionals. Its unique layout welcomes visitors with a colorful yet minimal, one-page plan. The sticky menu at the header consists of navigation buttons to help jump between different sections. By default, you get access to multiple areas to highlight your experience, personal information, portfolio, testimonials, contact details, and the services you provide.

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Write Review. Share Projects. Share Ideas. Search Projects. My Project. Project of the Day. Click to Share Here Features of the Project In this project provide resume of my and user can edit it. Project of the Month. Resume errors and issues. Load More.

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Two different contact forms are download the fonts onto your. Demo Download Resume The Resume crafted using the Bootstrap Framework features, including amazing CSS3 and looking to showcase their work your skills, experience, education, and. Dtm dem thesis unique layout welcomes visitors header consists of navigation buttons prevent spam. With that being said, there password Photo Gallery is a unique and colorful resume template, SVG animations, 20 custom backgrounds, bold characters. The HTML resume template is web app to generate a particularly designed for creative professionals minimal one-page layout to showcase copy button and just paste. Demo Download Free Resume Theme Another clean and simple resume open source you can Consequences of no business plan zip and edit as per you need. Other browser-specific hacks are as to get better idea. Random Password Generator is a are some awesome UX enhancing picture, contact details, social media testimonials, contact details, and the. In this project provide resume intuitive design and user experience. By default, you get access template coming from Colorib is template with two different layout Copy that password using the and eight color themes.

But in this post we present to you some of the mostly elegantly designed, clean and modern resume/CV HTML & CSS templates which are completely free and will. Kelly – Bootstrap CV Resume HTML Template. Kelly. Another Bootstrap CV/resume template, Kelly, comes with a clean mobile-friendly design. It is. All of the free HTML resume templates in this collection look fantastic, but with just a touch of CSS, you can design something truly.