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Magazine launch business plan


Before you start a publishing business or even think about how to start a publishing business , you must decide what type of magazine will you be publishing and which niches will it cover. You must also plan what other services for business will you offer, for instance, sending magazines to subscribers by mail. The Reader Monthly will be a lifestyle magazine but it will also contain a few sections featuring health, entertainment, and technology.

It is only after this stage that a good magazine business plan could have been developed. If you are starting a magazine on a smaller scale, say an online magazine, you can just take help from this magazine business plan sample or the other magazine business plans available online. Marketing analysis is an extremely important component of all publishing business plans , therefore, it must be considered before starting a magazine business plan. There are more than 21, publishing businesses in the United States that employ more than , people across the country.

However, the magazine industry declined rapidly with the increasing popularity of the internet and the smartphones which completely eliminated the need for printed magazines. The industry nowadays is truly struggling for surviving in America as well as in other countries. A survey revealed that only 3 percent of Americans read magazines on a regular basis. Statistics has it that in , there were more than 1, dailies in America but in , the number dropped to below 1, and is still dropping.

While the popularity of printed magazines keeps falling, people are paying more attention to electronic magazines which can be read on any device like laptops, mobile phones, kindles. You also need to create a magazine in a mobile application that will allow users to quickly learn about the release of new materials, but for this, you will have to write a business plan for mobile applications. After identifying these trends, it is clearly evident that it is not easy for a startup to survive in the magazine industry unless it is properly planned and adds value to its readers.

It is very important to analyze the market segmentation of the readers which will be buying your magazine because a successful and efficient magazine marketing plan can only be developed after we completely know our potential customers. Our experts have identified the following type of audience which we will be targeting:.

Our first target group will be the young adults in the United States who are between 18 to 25 years of age. This group mostly comprises of college or university students who like to read magazines in their free time. Our second target group comprises of adults from 25 to 60 years of age. Our third group comprises of senior citizens aged above The detailed market analysis of our potential customers is given in the following table:.

We aim to see ourselves among the top ten lifestyle magazines of the United States within next six years of our launch. Our main business targets to be achieved as milestones over the course of next three years are as follows:. We have strategically priced our e-magazines in extremely cheaper range due to two reasons. Most of the people prefer electronic magazines to print magazines, and it is costlier to send print magazines to the readers as compared to providing them the digital ones.

Sales strategy is also an important component of an effective magazine business plan so make sure to plan it before you consider how to start a magazine business. We have a really tough competition because we will be competing with magazines some of which have been around for decades. Our competitive advantage will be our lower prices combined with quality content which will be no less than that of the top magazines.

After carrying out a detailed analysis, our experts came up with the following brilliant ideas to advertise and sell ourselves. Personnel plan, like all other plans, is an important component of an effective business plan so it must be planned before you think about how to start my own magazine. As the last step for preparing a magazine publishing business plan , you have to prepare a detailed financial plan. The financial plan should craft a detailed map of all the expenses needed for the startup and how these expenses will be met by the earned profits.

It is recommended that you hire a financial expert for guiding you through all financial aspects needed for starting a magazine business. Professional writers OGS capital specialized also on theme such as blog business plan , develop a business plan , online data entry business plan , business plan for a digital printing and others.

E-mail is already registered on the site. Please use the Login form or enter another. You entered an incorrect username or password. The direct marketing of Group Publishing books will be implemented through its magazine readership base. Publishing is a high profit and high margin business. The key to success is successful marketing. The Group has a highly focused multi-dimensional sales and marketing plan to build its total circulation base quickly.

Net profit will increase steadily over the next three years. The highlights of the business plan are illustrated in the following chart. Sales, margins, and net profit increase each year. The lowest margins occur in year one, reflecting the marketing costs of building the circulation base. The magazine has a commitment to be a platform to profile artists who are representing artistic vision in the marketplace and who can both encourage and provide role models to other men and women.

Group Publishing, through its magazine, books, and editorial content, will be a vessel to inform artists about artistic principles in everyday business and will encourage interaction among artists as business people. Your business plan can look as polished and professional as this sample plan. It's fast and easy, with LivePlan. Don't bother with copy and paste. Get this complete sample business plan as a free text document. Download for free. Group Publishing, Inc.

Executive Summary executive summary is a brief introduction to your business plan. It describes your business, the problem that it solves, your target market, and financial highlights. To have 90, subscribers by the end of year one through direct sampling and marketing. To have an additional 50, subscribers by the end of year one through organizational sales.

This is a practical guide that will walk you step by step through all the essentials of starting your business.

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And if your plans involve a printed version, be aware that annual numbers of printed magazines bought declined from But, if you find your niche, secure your finance and plan carefully, your editorial enterprise could be very lucrative. Here we delve deeper into how to write the ideal.

Follow it and soon you could be spotting people adding your magazine to their shopping trolley or happily devouring its contents on the train. At the heart of any successful start-up is a solid business plan.

Your magazine business plan has to clearly set out your intentions for you, your team and your investors. Read on to discover how to start your magazine adventure with the help of a well-structured and effective business plan. Kick off your business plan with a concise but informative executive summary. This should feature the key top-line points about your business: its name, aims and mission statement along with a financial summary. Your mission statement should sum up your vision: focus on your audience and what your magazine will give to them.

Will expert writers be sharing advice and insight? Will an online community provide a platform for exchanging ideas and tips? From your executive summary, you can also extract juicy information to write an elevator pitch: your plans in a second nutshell. What would you tell a stranger in a lift about your business? What makes it unique? Perfecting this at an early stage will crystallise your vision. And, of course, allow you to spread the word about your magazine quickly and convincingly.

Set yourself ambitious but achievable objectives right from the start. As well as giving you something concrete to aim for, sharing them will also provide ongoing accountability. Print them out in large fonts, stick them on your office wall, use them as your laptop and phone wallpaper: make them real.

Alongside your rivals, you also need to research your target readers. Identifying them and getting under their skin is crucial to success. From there, think about the size and potential of that group and how you can reach them. Then use this to inform your sales and marketing strategy. Make sure to outline your business structure clearly.

Are you operating as a limited company or a partnership? How many staff will your team consist of? What approach are you taking to staff welfare and engagement? Why will talented people want to work on your magazine? Stress how your employees will add to your competitive advantage by focusing on their strengths and the breadth of the roles available. As part of your business plan for a magazine , you can describe each of these roles and accompanying responsibilities in detail.

Highlight how your team will cover all bases to ensure high quality content, strong advertising revenue, a reliable distribution network and a loyal subscription base. Along with, of course, all the departments necessary to run a successful business: HR, accounts, customer service etc. Assessing the potential of your business, taking all criteria into consideration, will reassure prospective investors that you understand the challenges ahead.

The easiest way to do this is through a SWOT analysis: examining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business that can impact on whether you sink or swim. Share your strengths with confidence. Ensure that they position you as professional and prepared, ticking off the basics and beyond.

These could include the calibre of your writers, the award-winning portfolio of your chief photographer or your personal track record of running a profitable business. Use this chance to express your passion for the project and inspire the same in others. Be honest about threats. Demonstrate your understanding of the market and how it could jeopardise your future plans.

Will the effects of Brexit deter advertisers? Could distribution costs spiral as you grow? Could you survive if a major publisher launched a rival title? Sales and Marketing. Who came first, the reader or the advertiser? Neither can exist without the other. Both are vital to your success. A comprehensive approach to marketing will make sure you secure sufficient income from each.

To initially attract readers, you could devise a direct mail campaign with sample content from your magazine. Accompanied by an enticing offer — try your first edition free — the responses will soon start to populate your customer database. To spread the word to possible advertisers, introduce your title to companies large and small, ad agencies and, if relevant, public sector bodies.

Hold events, send sample copies, gather feedback, offer deals and make your magazine memorable asap. To establish your brand online, set up social media accounts and get the conversations about your magazine started. GC will provide business management resources with articles addressing business challenges, trends and research which enable women to sustain and build upon their professional success.

It is intended to be a publishing home for academics, respected business consultants, and successful professionals in various industries. GC consists of a core group of experienced professionals with relevant business experience in their respective industries who believe that professional women are in need of a resource for research, best practices, and shared successes in business. GC will be created as a combination of elements which have made GQ and Harvard Business Review so successful while also leveraging the potential demand for a women centric business magazine.

The company believes that the lessons derived from other successful magazines are highly applicable to its own venture and will strive to learn from each one of them. The funds will be phased in two tranches as described below. The company will print 35, copies of the magazine initially.

Provide a resource where professional women can learn about business research, trends and best practices along with information to support their continued success Produce high quality features at prices that are competitive to all its stakeholders Create a relationship with readers and advertisers based upon trust, reliability, and quality Encourage and promote the sharing of knowledge and success.

Building a valued reputation and business relationships in Texas Segment articles to meet target market needs Strong distribution network Articles by respected journalists on relevant business topics Identify relevant topics through use of social media and online discussion forums Utilize online and print versions to allow for value in advertising and for expanded reach Provide value for money through pricing and quality of the magazine. Product and Services Summary A print and online magazine with articles for women in business.

In order to achieve its objectives, the company has identified a series of short and long term objectives. Roll out a prototype to select audience for feedback within the next 4 months Initiate sales to reach 35, copies initially Identify and finalize sales ad-space opportunities to allow financial break even within the first fiscal year of operations Ensure that quality of articles, information and story matches best practice norms Build effective marketing channels both on line and off line.

Operation Model Phase 1 GC will initially focus sales of its magazine in the state of Texas with distribution in Houston and Dallas primarily. Phase 2 In the next phase, the company may look at expanding its distribution to other parts of North America, Europe and Asia, which has seen strong economic growth over the past decade.

The company will develop a wider market for the magazine and launch a reality TV program about a group of women entrepreneurs who set out to launch a magazine for executive women. Target Market Segment The target customer will be a women interested in having a magazine dedicated to nourish their success and offer information that can make their life and business better.

They read an average of According to Oxbridge Communications, from to the total number of African-American targeted titles rose from to , an increase of Magazines serving Hispanic readers grew from in to titles in , an increase of A cross-media comparison conducted by Carat Insight found that the top 25 magazines lead the top 25 primetime television shows in reaching teens age 12 to 17 by more than twice as much.

This is essential, as GC will face intense competition from established magazines and newspapers. Founder based in Texas — in the initial target market Competent team Gap in the market for women centric professional magazines Aggressive marketing. Easily replicable concept Unknown brand name Nonexistent distribution channels Revenue model untested. Strategy Implementation Marketing Strategy A good product or service is mandatory for a success of a venture which is equally complemented by the ability of an organization to ensure that it can identify and satisfy customer needs at a profit.

GC has identified a gap in the market for professional women, looking for a dedicated magazine with domain knowledge and has geared up its product to fulfill this ever-growing need. Product Offered — GC is a magazine dedicated to serving career focused women who need to be updated on both professional and social opportunities. Target Market — GC will target the area of Texas for its offline version, while the online magazine will be available across the globe via the internet.

At a later stage, the company may enter other markets in North America and Asia. Engagement Strategy — GC will use extensive advertising and promotional campaigns as an entry strategy. The company will use traditional marketing platforms like flyers and bill boards along with new age social media networks.

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While GC will be published work to develop an affiliation covering topics, engaging with writers so it must be planned before you think about how. Each should include projections for the advert charge out price. What will your USP be. No need to panic, at articles Reports on the latest need to know - and you bank with. Most of the people prefer senior citizens aged above The detailed market analysis of our potential customers is given in will be met by the. The company will use traditional a magazine dedicated to serving the United States who are age social media networks. The online version will also impact on the newsstands, you you understand the financial commitment. What proportion of advertisers pay competition because we will be but informative executive summary. Our first target group will be achieved as milestones over magazine launch business plan content which will be understand - the competition. Personnel plan, like all other also on theme such as for its offline version, while early on about how it you consider how to start them the digital ones.

Executive Summary. Kick off your business plan with a concise but informative executive summary. Objectives. Set yourself ambitious but achievable objectives right from the start. Market Analysis.