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Use this section to sell yourself and your experience - focus on your achievements, but be sure to include your responsibilities as well. Use bullet points so that your work history is organized and easy to read. Education: Showcase your education , including university name, area of study, and any certifications or degrees you earned. Skills: A Skills section where you provide a brief list of activities you are experienced with is a good addition to any CV. This section can efficiently show what your strengths are.

Volunteer experience: A volunteer section can be a great asset to your resume. It shows that you are well-rounded and have interest and experience in different areas. Languages: As long as there is space on your resume, list all languages that you are fluent in. References: It is acceptable to include a few references on your CV. The more impressive they are, the more impressive their inclusion will be.

If you prefer, it is also acceptable to leave this out , providing references only when asked. In Spain, as in many countries across Europe, a photo and date of birth are expected on your CV. Always include both the month and year of employment. As you will see in the CV example in this guide, we usually include one or two sentences below these details to provide some context. This may touch on the size of the company, your overall objectives and who you reported to.

Finally, include your responsibilities and achievements. Use bullet points and keep each point under two lines to ensure a simple reading experience. Ensure to use powerful adjectives and verbs to bring your writing to life. Include details of your relevant education and training. If you have completed training that is relevant to the Spanish job market, such as Spanish regulatory training or Spanish language training, ensure to showcase this in the education and training section.

Start by detailing your highest form of education. Then move on to training programmes you have completed. Leave out any training that you feel is not relevant to the role you are pursuing. Finally, add any further information that could support your applications. Additional information may include languages, IT proficiency, volunteering activities and licences.

Those with less experience should opt for a one-page CV. Ensure the margins of your document are not too wide or too narrow. Aim for between 1. Using excessively narrow or wide margins will make your CV appear unprofessional. Make sure you allow adequate spacing between text in your CV. This makes your document easier to read.

We recommend selecting between 4 and 8 pt. While English is widely spoken in many areas of Spain, especially around the resort areas such as Benidorm and the Costa Del Sol, there is a very strong chance that the person reading your CV will be Spanish. Click here to contact us to discuss our English to Spanish translation services.

Many recruiters expect to see some personal information on CVs, unlike CVs for other European countries. The photo should be a professional headshot. Submitting a CV in English may be considered unprofessional. Also, the recruiter reading your CV may not be fluent in English.

The most sought-after jobs in Spain depend on the region and city in question. However, the majority of jobs can be found in the services industry. This includes hospitality, IT and retail. For expats and foreigners in Spain, some of the most popular jobs include:. As such, there are always jobs to be found in the tourism industry. Popular jobs in this industry include bar work, catering and restaurant work.

Hopefully this guide will help you to prepare a professional Spanish CV that impresses recruiters and hiring managers. If you would like to know more about CV writing, take a look at our complete CV writing guide. Cart 0. What's included in this guide? Get This CV Template.

Step 1. Photo and Personal Information. Step 2. Points to consider when writing your professional profile - Years of experience - Areas of expertise - Key skills and competencies - Education and training - Your passions and interests Use powerful adjectives and avoid superfluous information.

Spanish Professional Profile Example. Step 3. How to format your skills section Use bullet points to make your skills stand out. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Additional Information. Layout and Formatting for Spanish CVs. Translate your CV.

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If you're searching for a job in Spain, here you'll find many articles on the Spanish market and how to build a resume or write a cover letter in Spanish. Use Spanish resume examples and expert tips to create your customized resume in Spanish for a job in Mexico, Spain or another. Cv Template Spain - Resume Format. How to Create a Resume for Jobs in Spain | ROOSTERGNN how to write a resume in spanish – Resume.