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Free law essays model answers


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Dallas can say that he did not receive the letter of acceptance within the expected periodand therefore he thought that Mangala has no interest in accepting his offer. Following are considered as no capacity to contract a Persons above 21 years of age b Married women c Persons of unsound mind d Non citizens of this country 8.

A contract for sale of goods includes a Sale and an agreement to sell b Sale only c Agreement to sell only d Sales, Leases and hire purchases9. Karuna buys some paddy from Baskaran on Monday evening. Baskaran keeps the paddy sold to Karuna separately from other paddy and asks Karuna totake delivery and he agrees.

However, Karuna could not find a lorry to take delivery of thepaddy. Consideration can be made for sale under the sale of goods ordinance by way of a Money and services b Money only c Money, service and goods d Partly in money and partly in goods One of the implied conditions as to Title in Sale of Goods ordinance is a The seller has the right to sell the goods if it is a sale2 3.

Rajitha bought a car from Randeniya and used it for 6 months. Randeniya had no title tothe car. As a consequence Rajitha had to surrender the motor car to the true owner. Rajithasued Randeniya to recover the money paid. One of the statements is wrong as to the duties of the buyer. Underline that statement a To accept the delivery of goods when the seller is willing to make the delivery as per the contract b To pay the price in exchange for possession of the goods c To apply for the delivery of goods d Demand delivery of the goods at any time Every trader who sells any goods shall on demand issues to the purchaser a receipt stating certain information.

Underline the statement that has incorrect information a The date of sale b The quantity and quality of goods sold c The price paid for such products d Whether sale was wholesale or retail Underline the correct answer As per the Intellectual property Act No 52 of , a trade mark meansa. Name used by a trader to identify goods and services marketed by him or herb Any visible sign serving to distinguish the goods of one enterprise from those of othersc A label, symbol of mixture of any of those used by a marketer to inform the public aboutits brand named Any mark that appears in the package where customers can identify the product.

When Consumer Affairs Authority makes a determination as to anti competitive practices or monopolies of a company or trader, it should consider whether a It is fair by the interest of the public b It is unfair on the competitors c It is a by a multinational or a locally owned company d It is about an essential service Patent rights are given for a Authors of books b Trade marks c Company names d Inventions The important case as to legal entity of a company is 1.

Salomon Vs. Salomon Ltd 2. Balfour Vs. Balfour 3. Merit vs. Merit 4. Hyde Vs. Under Law of agency, what is mean by apparent authority? Explain briefly. No memorandum is required to establish a company under the new Act of For existing companies by , memorandum is deemed to form part of the articles. Therefore the doctrine of ultra vires is removed. What are the exemptions to this rule? Mainstream legal procedure often considered as expensive, time consuming andcumbersome. Marketers prefer spending time in substantive marketing activities thanspending time in litigationLitigation is the final method that is used when all other methods have failed.

Mutual agreement should be the first approach. Mediation would be another approachArbitration for high value matters 05 marks Question 2. Bank will not pay a cheque older than six months from the date of the cheque. If a cheque is presented undated the bank will return the cheque. However, a holder may insert the date what he considers to be the true date. Goods are said to be sold by description when they are described in the contract either by the buyer or by the seller and the buyer contracts in reliance of the description.

M delivered the total quantity, but about half the cases contained 24 tins, and the rest 30 tins. L rejected the goods. There was no difference in market value between goods packed in 24 tins and goods packed in 30 tins. However, the court7 8. Beal vs. Taylor — Buyer purchased a car described as model. The front part was pre model and it had welded to an old car. Held that the goods did not comply with the description Assume a person in Trincomalee says that he has o kgs of kelawalla Tuna you agreed to buy it at Rs.

However, when you received the fish in Colombo, you find that they are not Kelawalla but Balaya which is lower in demand and price. A canteen manager says he can supply rice packets with red rice. You order a lunch packet but you find white rice in it.

Nichol vs. Although the goods were as per the sample but it was not foreign refined rape oil. Therefore buyer was entitled to reject the goods as it should correspond not only with the sample but with the description as well. Minors- Who are under the age of 18 years Minors cantracts can be classified as unassisted and assisted contracts. Generally they are unenforceable against the minor. However, it could be ratified by the guardians assistance during his or her minority or by the minor upon reaching the age of majority8 9.

These contracts can be enforced against the minor. In other words ,they are voidable at the option of minor. What are they? If the minor has fraudulently shown he was an adult although in fact he was a minor. Beneficial Contract of Service — Costa Vs.

A teacher when she was a minor entered into a contract for teacher training. Then the contract of serving for a specific period was breached and when sued she claimed that she was not bound on the bond as she was a minor at the time of signing the bond.

But court held even then, training was for her benefit and there is a valid contract created by the Bond. However a revocation of an offer will not take place until it is actually communicated to the offeree. Caltech Admissions Essay Help.

Nevertheless, there is still achievement which has been attained in curbing various levels of discrimination among the workers Previously Released Bar Exam Essay Questions Welcome to the past California Bar Exam past essays directory.

Examples of general health and safety checklists. You will complete each part when you have finished studying the relevant topic s in the course material. Model Answers. Amadio has no. Take a look at our abounding collection of written projects in Law in different divisions to obtain a second opinion, free essay samples and motivation.

It must have The Introduction, The definitions, the body, and the conclusion. Judicial Creativity Model Answer. January and June Suggested answers for Level 6 units. Employment status Chapter 3. Model Answers The State Bar of Nevada offers model answers from the past bar exams for applicants to review and use as a study tool. Each exam is designed to be completed in 30 minutes. Free movement of goods Outline answers to essay and problem questions; Chapter 7.

Vacation Leave According to San Francisco lawyer, Michael Mortimer labor law and employment law are not the same.

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Law Essay Subjects We Write Bespoke Law Essays! LawTeacher on TrustedSite Find Out More. All Answers Ltd. Part of All Answers Ltd. The example law essays below were written by students to help you with your own studies. If you are looking for help with your law essay then we offer a. Law Essays (Page 1). Title: Overview of Canadian Legal System and how Quebec Differs Example essay. Last modified: 15th Jul