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Wellcome trust essay competition

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His work touches on issues of disillusionment and alienation as experienced by those of his generation, born in the early s. Since he was 20, Arseniy Neskhodimov has been prone to depression. Finding antidepressants unhelpful, he decided to get out of Moscow and find somewhere he could be happier, chronicling his own experiences. But the depression followed him. People imagine that depression is like ordinary unhappiness, only more so.

Neskhodimov tried a change of scene to get away from his troubles, but to no avail. He was an intense, creative, headstrong man whose identity resisted the illness; his soul and emotional state shine out from these portraits. The cognitive effects of dementia are well-known, like loss of memory, language skills and concentration, but the emotional experience of the disease has a huge impact on mood as well.

While scientists have yet to find a cure, there are already drugs that can combat the symptoms. And familiar places, people and activities can provide enormous comfort, helping people like Fritz to remain themselves for longer. This neighbourhood on the bank of the Lagos lagoon suffers annual flooding — more severely and for longer, as climate change raises sea levels. Apart from the physical damage and the risk of water-borne diseases, there comes a threat to mental health.

How can you live your life in a massive puddle of water? What would that kind of stress do to you? Living through a natural disaster — or one fuelled by human activity — is traumatic. Floods, droughts and extreme weather can destroy your assumptions about the safety of your home. Even if the initial shock passes, you then face an uncertain daily existence, where fear of what might happen next mingles with a terrible sense of loss. Therese Alice Sanne invited young people with mental health problems to draw or paint on portraits she had taken of them, to give them a chance to portray themselves as they really feel.

Mental illness is often not apparent to an onlooker. People struggling with their mental health can find it impossible to make themselves and their pain understood to those around them, and this chasm between outer world and inner reality can compound their suffering. Finding creative ways to express these feelings may be therapeutic, and might even help to bridge the communicative gap. You may be able to take care of yourself a little by putting together a kit of things that help you get through difficult moments.

Sebastian Mar has photographed Russian women along with the mental health first-aid kits they have created. And women are particularly at risk of conditions like eating disorders, PTSD and depression, partly because of high levels of violence against women. They try to cope: each of these kits is a manifestation of hope and resourcefulness. But if their problems are understood more widely, perhaps it will become easier to access professional treatment. Wellcome commissioned five photographers from five different countries to tell their stories, answering the question: How are you, your family and your friends coping with anxiety related to Covid?

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The Wellcome Trust's new award, aimed at aspiring writers, is a great way for us to connect with those doing exciting things in the field of science, and we look forward to showcasing the winners' work. Sir Mark Walport added: "The ability to capture the beauty, complexity and excitement of science in words and convey this to a curious public is an important and rare skill.

In launching this Prize, we aim to recognise the contribution of outstanding writers to telling the stories of science, and inspire the next generation of great science writers. The deadline for entries is 20 May , with the awards event scheduled to take place in London on 12 October The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. It supports the brightest minds in biomedical research and the medical humanities.

It is independent of both political and commercial interests. Skip to main content. About the Wellcome Trust The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health.


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