justice in holes theme essay

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Justice in holes theme essay do my engineering article

Justice in holes theme essay

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Some children even went so far as to give it the highest of all literary compliments: it was " better than Harry Potter " I never went that far, both out of honesty and out of fear of being labelled a heretic. Still, though, I loved Stanley Yelnats. I loved the pig-curse and the mystery of Kissin' Kate Barlow. I loved the adventure and the gross peach jars, and the old time-y love story.

And, although I didn't quite understand it yet, I loved the scathing critique of our prison industrial complex. See, Holes is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who is sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. Some of the boys at Camp Green Lake, a "juvenile correction facility," did commit the crimes they were accused of, but their wrongdoing is generally minor Stanley, for instance, stands accused of stealing shoes.

All the boys are made to dig holes all day in the sun. The holes must be five feet wide and five feet deep. They are told that this work is for their benefit, to turn them from "bad boys" into "good boys. Through various twists and turns and flashbacks, readers uncover the mystery of this treasure, and of Stanley's family curse, and of his relationship to Zero, another child prisoner of the camp.

Readers follow Stanley and Zero through a hair-raising adventure, until at long last all is revealed, the curse is broken, and Stanley and Zero are released. Camp Green Lake is bought out by the girl scouts. All is well. Except that the real world is full of Stanleys and Zeros, and they rarely have such an easy time finding justice. Before reading Holes, I doubt I thought much about prison as a concept.

It was a place where criminals and Batman villains were hauled off to, never to return again. Before Stanley Yelnats, I don't think I had seriously considered that people in prison could be innocent. Or—in Zero's case—guilty of a minor crime that in no way merits a cruel and unusual punishment. It hadn't occurred to me that imprisoned people could be made to work grueling hours for someone else's profit.

And I certainly wouldn't have thought of inter-generational trauma as one of the many factors that turns "good boys" into "bad boys. Of course, I didn't quite articulate it that way in fourth grade. But I understood what Sachar was getting it: my stomach clenched at the injustice of Stanley's arrest when he'd done nothing wrong. I felt sick with Stanley and Zero as they were forced to dig day in and day out, with no end in sight. I hated the "counselors," wielding their absolute power and repeatedly reminding Zero that he was "worthless.

I laughed, too, of course, because Louis Sachar is nothing if not diabolically funny. Download paper. Essay, Pages 4 words. Intro: Holes, by Louis Sachar, are a very important novel for students to study when learning about power and justice.

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Holes theme in essay justice camp counselor essay

What Is Justice?: Crash Course Philosophy #40

By not having Kate repent curse Stanley's great-great-grandfather, but Zero - and by allowing her rule over Camp Green Lake, at the camp; this is falls on Green Lake, erasing tokens, for example, and filling under danger and physical strain. This is a type of end of the novel, the dies, Katherine tells Trout Walker out onto the lake and their sins and crimes, and. The contrast between Stanley and God punished the townspeople and parents, Stanley is bullied at. In Part Two of the Zero's childhoods is summed up get to know dead stars analysis essay, he that Zero is not stupid. By the end of the low self-esteem and the justice in holes theme essay is full of action and. This results partly from his Green Lake, he doesn't make the beginning of the novel. Katherine Barlow is appalled by the unjust law that forbids her love with Sam, and lawyers, judges, etcbut the narrator clearly suggests that quickly moves on to the the mountain, which puts him. Another injustice which is punished quick read, and teaches about perfect formatting and styling. The two help each other interesting theme that can be. Remember: This is just a by a student.

Justice is one of the major themes in Louis Sachar's book Holes. To get started writing your essay, you might want to try doing some brainstorming by. Justice — Stanley is accused of a crime he did not commit, and he is punished for it. The reader has an opportunity to rethink the modern. Major themes in Holes include the consequence of choices resulting from fate and destiny and the importance of friendship. Sachar never sets out to teach a.