essay on save electricity save earth

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Essay on save electricity save earth argumentative essay ghostwriter sites au

Essay on save electricity save earth

Second, conserving both is good for the environment. Less use of energy means that fewer fossil fuels are burnt and less pollution from that burning is released into the atmosphere. Third, while electricity is generated using natural resources, water is a natural resource. Conserving both leads to conservation of resources that we are rapidly running out of and that are non-renewable. Both water and electricity are essential to our lives.

Without water, there will be no life. Without electricity, most of our daily necessities and needs will be unattainable. There are two resources that are essential to a thriving life — water, which is required to keep you alive and healthy and electricity which runs so much of our daily life that we would be quite lost without it. Both these resources occur in nature in a way. Water is directly found in water bodies, ice fields and glaciers.

Electricity is generated using coal or natural gas, both of which can be extracted from the earth by mining. Although both resources occur more or less naturally, both are finite. Only around 3. Similarly, coal and natural gas deposits have only a certain amount of these resources. Since these resources are finite, the demand far outstrips the supply. It is even believed by many scientists and geologists that unchecked, we will consume so much of both that we will soon run out.

The consequences of this are quite frightening. Without electricity, our modern way of life will collapse since so much of it depends on energy. Another point here is that we are polluting the water bodies that supply us and damaging the environment, through water pollution and through the mining practices we use to extract coal and natural gas. This means that not only are additional sources of fresh water unsafe for human consumption but also the environment is under attack.

Under this kind of abuse, our environment will soon not be able to sustain us. It becomes obvious then that these resources need to be used judiciously, if we are to have any hope of making them last. We need to realize the problem of shortage before it occurs and do whatever we can to save electricity and water. In addition, we need to spread awareness so that more and more people take steps towards conservation.

In the end, it is up to us to use measures that will ensure availability of water and electricity for a longer time. If charity begins at home, so does conservation. Water and electricity are considered basic resources to live in modern times. Water is the most important because without it there literally would be no life. Electricity also holds a place of grave importance because most of modern existence is powered by it.

However, there are only so many sources of fresh water in the world. Similarly, there is only a limited amount of fossil fuels that can be used to generate electricity. These two resources are essentially finite. Our population, on the other hand, keeps growing every day. As this happens, the demands for these two resources increases but their sources become scarce. Unfortunately, we are so used to having an abundance of both that we have grown careless. Every day in many ways we waste huge amounts of these resources without thinking twice.

For many of us it is habit that we have cultivated from childhood. Ensuring that the next generation does not follow the same wasteful habits is now a priority. We need to ensure that the urgency of dwindling natural resources, the reality of environmental damage and the immediate need for conservation is something that new generations understand very well. The best way to do so is by educating students.

Students need to be aware of this because they are the agents of change. For this reason, environmental sciences need to be taught in every grade. Students are learning as they grow up that these resources are essential to our existence. Students more open to new ideas and thoughts. Therefore, when shown the impact of the lack of resources and conservation of those same resources, students are much more likely to follow steps for conservation. They are also more likely to involve their families and communities in the effort to conserve these two resources.

Most importantly, though, students have inventive minds and are most likely to come up with ideas that can help us use less or conserve more of water and electricity. If we want generations to grow up with conservation as one of their values, it is very important that we teach them this value right from the beginning. The earlier we do so, the more well embedded these values will be.

In our efforts to conserve electricity and water students must be the forerunners. Only then will we see effective change. Water and electricity are two resources we absolutely need — water because it is essential to life and electricity because the modern world would not be possible without it. Unfortunately, these resources are finite; there is only so much fresh water in the world and electricity is generated from fossil fuels which are a dwindling natural resource.

What makes matters worse is that the global population increases day by day making the demand for these resources higher. In order to ensure that future generations have enough of both resources, we need to conserve them. There is no denying the fact that we need water to survive. Some studies have speculated that the human body can go only three days without water.

However, this is also the resource that gets wasted the most. It is becoming imperative that we take steps to reverse this or we will soon lose this resource completely. There are certain steps all of us can take on an individual level to help conserve water. Some of them are:. Electricity plays such a major role in our lives that we feel the pinch the moment power gets cut. Pretty much every appliance we use in the house is dependent on electricity. Electricity has brought a great revolution in the field of medical science.

It plays an important role in the treatment of diseases by electrotherapy. Electricity has changed the way of farming. In fact it has mechanized farming. It has helped us to distribute the water of the rivers into canals and irrigate dry and barren lands. Without electricity we cannot imagine industrial growth. All types of industries require electricity to function.

Electricity generation depends largely on non-replaceable resources. Thermal power needs coal and other fossil fuel for generating electricity. This fuel has limited reserves and it will take millions of years to replenish these reserves. There are many different ways in which we can save electricity and thus conserve energy.

At home, elementary actions should be taken such as unplugging computers, turning off televisions in order to reduce our consumption of electricity, thereby conserving energy. You can install thermostat technology at your home and connect the different appliances and gadgets that draw power from all those outlets that are not even in use. Solar panels can be planted to reduce the consumption of electricity.

Furthermore, we can use more natural light. In the daytime instead of switching on lights and fans, we can keep our windows open to get natural light and air. We can increase our outdoor activities more like playing, gardening, reading, etc. We can switch our office work and other related tasks to laptops from desktops because laptops consume less energy than desktops. Electricity is the backbone of modern society. Our life will go back to the primitive age without electricity.

There is a need for rational use of electricity, as it is largely produced from non-renewable sources like coal and water.



There are various methods by which we can save electricity including switching off the appliances when not in use, this will help save thousands of watts. Also, if we use our air conditioners, washing machines and other electrical equipment wisely, we can save a lot of electricity. We should start using alternative ways to preserve electricity, for instance, we can use natural sunlight during the day instead of using lights and lamps to light up the room.

The old appliances usually consume more watts than required, hence we must replace our old appliances with the new ones to stay energy efficient. In addition to this, we must reduce watching TV and should encourage the kids to play outside rather than playing games on computers. Using solar panels in the houses also saves a lot of electricity and reduces your huge bills gradually. Also, industries should start using windmills for energy production instead of using a huge amount of electricity.

Electricity is required in every sphere of life, almost all the things and workings are dependent on electricity. Saving is the only way left to conserve electricity so combined efforts of all the human beings are required to preserve this essential necessity of life. Save Water Essay. Perhaps the most notable way that reducing energy helps the environment is by decreasing power plant emissions.

To generate electricity, most power plants burn coal, crude oil or other fossil fuels. Although this method of creating energy is relatively inexpensive, our planet pays the price — carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are just a few of the byproducts that come from traditional methods of power generation. Carbon dioxide, which accounts for the majority of all airborne pollution, is a greenhouse gas. However, as power plants burn more fuel to create more energy, the extra carbon waste traps too much heat.

This can have a detrimental impact on our land and our lives. Effects of greenhouse gas emissions include:. Cutting back on energy consumption reduces the amount of electricity that power plants have to make, subsequently reducing the amount of fossil fuels that are burned each day. Even a small change can make a tremendous difference — if every American household traded in just one incandescent light bulb for an efficient CFL, the reduction in pollution would be equivalent to taking 1.

When you opt to cut back on energy use, you also help conserve limited natural resources that would otherwise be used to power the power plants. Less demand for energy creates less demand for harvesting fossil fuels. Turning off the lights at night or washing clothes in cold water can save trees, coal, natural gas and more. As fossil fuels become increasingly scarce, they will become extremely expensive.

In addition to impacting climate patterns and depleting stores of natural resources, excessive energy use can harm animals and ecosystems. Mining, logging and material extraction associated with the provision of fossil fuels destroys habitats on land and in the ocean.

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There are many different ways in which we can save electricity and thus conserve energy. At home, elementary actions should be taken such as unplugging. “text”:”One can adopt a number of ways to save electricity. Make sure to use natural light to the fullest and avoid turning on lights in the morning and. There are various methods by which we can save electricity including switching off the appliances when not in use, this will help save thousands.