yamuna river pollution essay

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Yamuna river pollution essay obama s speech live

Yamuna river pollution essay


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It greets thousands of pilgrims from different parts of the world every year. Yamunotri is known to be the first shrine to be visited on this pilgrimage site. Whole Valley of Yamuna River is loaded with several sacred shrines as well as mythological sites that are devoted to legends and saints of ancient era. River Yamuna is among the most popular rivers in North India.

It is around km long. Yamuna River is also called as River Jamuna. Yamuna River flows in south way along the Himalayan Mountains on the plains of North India, and it traverses through a lot of valleys for around km along the border of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Cities like Mathura and Agra are located along its banks. Yamuna River is believed to be originated at Yamunotri in Himalayan regions of Uttarakhand, positioned at the north of Haridwar located at the altitude of around m over the sea level.

It is supposed to be one of the four Char Dhaam sites in India. Yamuna River witnesses very light traffic. It shrinks in Agra as a very small stream in summer, partly due to the amount of water removed for domestic consumption and irrigation by the canals. However, the river has been one of the most polluted rivers in India. Conversely, what happens upstream may not be knowledge to those at the lower part of the river. In consequence, governments have come up with laws and regulations to curtain practices that may render the water harmless.

Irrespective of the rules, river pollution still takes place. This study employs literature in the quest of all factors that surround river pollution. The Ganga River This is a river that has its source at southern slopes of the Himalayan ranges which is due to glaciations at Gangotri. It is four thousand metres above sea level.

The river flows through mountains for two hundred and fifty kilometers before descending on an elevation of two hundred and eighty eight metres above sea level. Mandakini and Alaknanda are its tributaries. This river carries the largest quantities of silt in the world which is deposited at its delta Wohl, Pertaining to Wohl , for a long time, this river has enjoyed its purity but due to human encroachment, it has become much polluted.

Purity of river water is dependent on its velocity Yami and Yama were born twins. Although I have not come across any person called Yama, or Narada for that matter, we often remember these two characters in our day to day life! If you know what is behind the names in India, you then know India! Our names, of men or women or places or rivers , are part of Indian mythology and lore. I intend to take up at least three rivers , say Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati, and trace out their origins and evolution in the course of a few blogs.

Here, I am starting the series with Yamuna. India is a vast country blessed with perennial rivers and seasonal rivers. I just shudder to think of the geography of a country like the Philippines which consists simply of islands, more than one thousand of them! Our perennial rivers like Ganga and Yamuna have a lofty birth, in the great heights of the Himalayas, thanks mainly to melting snows. I should expect that if the snowfall precipitation is poor in a year — like our monsoon They divided the plains into three river basins.

The three river basins are :- 1. It joins the river Indus in Pakistan. Which finally flows into the Arabian Sea? The Satluj river basins are very fertile. The main crops grown here are wheat, rice, cotton and sugarcane. The Bhakra Dam is built across the Satluj River. Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, and Ambala are the important cities of this basin.

The river originates as Bhagirathi from a glacier called Gangotri, in the Himalayas. On its way down the hills, Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers join Bhagirathi. The combined waters of these three rivers become the mighty Ganga. It enters the plains as a big river near Rishikesh. Many big and small rivers join the Ganga in the plains.

The river Yamuna joins Ganga at Allahabad. This place is called Sangam. Whether you enjoy rafting down a wild, clear mountain river or drifting serenely on a slow, gentler river , rivers give us places to enjoy nature. Sadly, rivers face pollution from many sources: farming, industry and even tourism.

It is important to protect rivers from pollution in order to save them for now and future generations. Water is one of the most important sources of life in the earth. Water pollution has become one of the biggest problems facing our environment. This pollution which is caused by the oil tankers or the oil spills could cause serious damage to the lives of many kinds of creatures that live in the sea. People were happy when the oil was first discovered. For them it was a new source of energy that would help to make life a lot easier, no one ever thought that oil could cause so much damage, but it became clear when oil tankers began to dump oil in to the sea.

The oil which was dumped into the sea for different reasons, could cause a lot of damage to the life in that sea Toxic wastes are probably the most harmful forms of pollutants.

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We're Social. Essay on yamuna river pollution in hindi for go to school essay They love to in pollution on essay yamuna river hindi go ahead. For a population of 7. Most of the rivers in India are not polluted near their sources. River Yamuna Essayriver yamuna Information River Yamuna It is important to protect rivers from pollution in order to save them for now and future generations. Organic pollution comes from the tens of thousands of bodies cremated on …. Going downstream, most natural rivers become finer grained, higher in discharge, gentler in slope, and more sinuous.

The Yamuna, the main tributary of the Ganges, is now the most polluted river in India. River pollution in India has now reached a critical point. Author links open the essay focuses on the last few decades of the twentieth century, to examine the relation of land and river in Delhi; the interface of people and projects, especially the issue of slums; and the risks posed to the river on account of waste and pollution.

Limiting chemicals that go into the river has helped bring the water pollution levels down. Time has come to solve it. Yamuna River traverses along various states like Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh, before it merges in. Background of National River Ganga and Yamuna. Almost every river system in India is now polluted to a great extent. Regional diesel motorboats have also stopped. Let us now look into what the government has done to take measures to stop pollution and save river Yamuna.

At a spiritual level, the goddess Yamuna is beyond being harmed by any material phenomena. The quality of all. Such a redirection using canals has already been successfully implemented for the effluents from Kolkata that were earlier going into the Hooghly Summary Celebrated as an aquatic form of divinity for thousands of years, the Yamuna is one of India's most sacred rivers. Haaberman is about the pollution of the Yamuna River located in India, this river has become so polluted with industrial and human ….


Fresh water is only 2. The remaining Out of the total fresh water 2. Thus, the water deposit in lakes is more than the water deposit in rivers. But even though water of rivers is lesser than that of lakes, river water is more important because it is distributed over a larger part. River water continues flowing and does not remain in any river for more than two weeks whereas, water of lakes remains there for years.

River water is used to a maximum extent because of its common reach to the biotic community. Maximum economic activities concentrate around rivers. At present, 50 per cent population of the world resides in river basins, where they use river water for different activities including agriculture and industry.

This has polluted these rivers to a large extent. In Ruhar river basin, at the junction of river Rhine and river Ruhar, death is caused by bathing and swimming there. Every hour 1, ton polluted salts are disposed off in river Rhine. Water of river Rhine sustains about 20 million persons who are suffering health hazards continuously due to pollution of water.

The main river Seine of France on whose banks the city of Paris is located is being polluted incessantly. Heaps of dead fish and sewage foam are spreading near its banks. According to one study, in the total length from Paris on river Seine to La Harre Port located in the English Channel , about one million cubic metre polluted sewage water is disposed. Similarly in Po river of Italy, about million ton wastes are disposed off every year.

Rivers of Scandinavian region are being polluted by acid rain caused due to winds coming from the side of Great Britain and Germany, which carry sulphuric acid in them. Maximum populated areas of the world are settled in all the three basins. These river systems originating from snow peaks of Himalayas are the basis of prosperity of India in different forms.

Rivers of India are no more rivers but have been converted into filthy drains. ERL has divided tested water in five categories, i. Description of these categories is given below:. In India, river pollution has extended in every context.

Lakhs of tourists from foreign and local places come here. Due to increasing terrorist activities in Kashmir, the number of tourists has increased in Kulu valley. The water of river Beas is used for drinking purposes in Manali and Kulu but the attention of planners is not drawn towards the hotel and restaurant business, developing at a very fast rate where there is no proper arrangement for disposal of sewerage and waste. Plastic and other non-perishable materials are continuously disposed off in this river.

Water of river Ganga, which is considered as nectar in India, has become poisonous today. What to talk of drinking, it cannot even be used for bathing. A dangerous virus named Bacteriophase is found in the Ganga. The quantity of mud is increasing continuously. It can be used only for fisheries and forest creatures. Our relation with river Ganga is also from the historical point of view and not just from the religious angle.

In the beginning, the water of river Ganga was very pure, soft and healthy. Throwing dirty water, throwing flowers after worship, washing filthy clothes, throwing of hair, rowdyism, doing vulgar activities, throwing of dirty clothes etc. We could not think of pollution of river Ganga 1, years back. Today, as a result of it, water of river Ganga is going beyond the reach of the biotic community and we have played an important role in this.

Mainstream of river Ganga flows through four states, i. In the Ganga, mainly silt, biotic and chemical pollutants are found. Silt is received from soil through soil erosion. About crore ton silt is deposited in the Ganga every year. Soil erosion can be controlled by dense tree plantation in watershed areas.

This can help get rid of the silt problem. Organic and chemical pollutants come from cities situated near the banks of river Ganga. The waste of 29 big cities having population of more than one lakh and 23 medium cities having population ranging between 50, to one lakh situated on the banks of river, is mixing in it.

In most of these cities, there is no sewerage system. Chemical pollutants from waste coming out of the industrial units situated on banks of the river also mix with the water polluting it. The Ganga flows through densely populated areas of India.

In Uttar Pradesh, 59 out of the 86 industries are leather industries, which dispose off poisonous chemicals in heavy quantities. Maximum domestic waste mixes in Ganga in West Bengal. A study on river pollution to estimate future pollution loads of the river Yamuna from different sources. The total budget sanctioned: INR. A Master Plan and Feasibility Study was also carried out. Its objectives are to control the discharge of raw sewage into the river.

Started in and the objective is to clean the pollution in the Yamuna River throughout its course and to create a better ecosystem in New Delhi. On World Water Day, , local team members, students, and activists in Agra, Hyderabad, and Delhi, India, along with Wuhan, China led several watershed cleanup projects.

Volunteer group started by newspaper hawker Ashok Upadhyay to do his bit in protecting the river from further pollution. On the last Sunday of every month, Upadhyay comes to the Chhath steps of the river near to clear the waste accumulated on the banks. He is joined by about other newspaper hawkers of the city who have taken upon themselves to be the change that they want to see.

Creating a project that balances the social, environmental, and economic interests of a community is important to achieve sustainability. When a project is planned in consideration of all these aspects, it will create a long-lasting program that benefits everyone.

Earth5R works with citizens to tackle sustainability issues that affect their local ecosystem. One of the initiatives that Earth5R has done is in the Yamuna River. The water was dark and there was trash everywhere.

It was clear that their waste management strategies or lack thereof have not been successful. The volunteers spread out and cleaned up as much of the area that they could. As a result, about full bags of plastic and other rubbish were collected from just that small area alone. The waste was then given to the ragpicker who then is able to recycle it and earn some livelihood.

This is one example of a circular economy model. As it brought social, economic and environmental impacts. By establishing circular economy based programs that are an alternative to a traditional linear economy make, use, dispose and have active collaborations with the local community, local problems like bad waste management can be turned into opportunities for the local community.

Reach out to Earth5R to know more about solving environmental issues by creating circular economy based sustainability projects. Earth5R is an environmental organization from India with its head office at Mumbai. Earth5R specializes in circular economy based projects. Earth5R also offers short term and long term environmental courses.

It is an excellent opportunity for governments and the private sector to engage with communities, use Sustainability-based models to drive economic changes and create social and environmental impact. July 22, Uncategorized. It is common practice for people to bathe in the sacred waters to rid oneself of sins and the last rites of the dead are also performed at its banks.

Socioeconomic Significance: It helps create the highly fertile alluvial Yamuna- in the Indo-Gangetic plain. The most pollution comes from Wazirabad, from where Yamuna enters Delhi. Devotees went for a traditional bath to mark the Karthik Purnima religious ceremony Hindu Human Rights Samples collected were found to have phosphate concentration of 0. This abundance of phosphate formed layers of toxic froth covering the rivers.

Industrial heavy metal contamination The catchment area of River Yamuna in Delhi is highly urbanized and is networked with several drains. Heavy metals investigated in the River Yamuna water Among the heavy metals investigated in the River Yamuna water, Iron Fe was found to be most abundant and even exceeding the limit.

Untreated Sewage More than million litres of largely untreated sewage is pumped in the Yamuna each day. Plastic Pollution In Agra, the Yamuna has been choked by intense plastic pollution. Plastic waste spread next to River Yamuna near Sonia Vihar in New Delhi Express Photo by Praveen Khanna Along the river, anything from flip-flops to paper products lay in piles every few feet and a lot of plastic bags, even recyclable ones, end up in the river.

However, there is no real-time or comparative data to measure the impact of lockdown on pollution in Yamuna so far. Initiative that has been done are: Eleven treatment plants are being installed along the km-long sewer line. A treatment plant that can treat 30 million liters a day has been installed in Gurgaon which will help reduce the level of pollution from mg a liter to 30 mg a liter, before it enters the Yamuna. What can be done at the administration level Develop more public toilets and crematoria to reduce the sewage waste into the river.

Educational programs to increase awareness encouraging people to use biodegradable paints for painting idols and stop dumping wastes in the rivers is needed. Integration of water management by linking the private sector, local communities and NGOs to ensure an effective and efficient allocation and use of water for all.

New strategies for the existing water treatment such as automated river quality monitoring. Develop parks with fountains or grassy lands, pools, plantations, etc.