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Pharmacy school essay ideas the body farm book report

Pharmacy school essay ideas

We therefore entered the community with an openness to learn about their culture and beliefs, as well as the challenges they faced. Through this open-ended dialogue, we were able to gain their trust and could administer medication, as well as educate about prevention. This experience taught me that building rapport begins with active listening and sometimes unlearning long held stereotypes or dogmas. When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I remember feeling numb, confused, and scared.

But within our first few trips to the hospital, I was reassured that she was in competent and compassionate hands. While not every family member will have the outcome that I did, when I am working as a pharmacist, they can rest assured that their loved one will receive the best care possible. As a future pharmacist, I promise to: collaborate with my team, continually striving for better methods and better outcomes; advocate for my patients and for those who cannot advocate for themselves; and actively listen and empathize with my patients and their families to ensure they receive patient-centered and compassionate care.

While I know the road ahead will be challenging, pharmacy is a field I am honored to pursue, and I look forward to the day that I can inspire the next generation of pharmacists, as I was inspired a decade ago. Are you getting ready for a pharmacy school interview? Check out some pharmacy school interview questions :. Want to lose weight? Trying to learn a new language? No dice. Hard work is always touted as the solution, and rightly so.

As a preteen who struggled with confidence, I desperately yearned for a magic pill solution that would make me the bubbly, carefree girl surrounded by laughter in the cafeteria. Though unaware of it at the time, the bathroom was not a refuge from the scary, hormonal social scene of junior high, but from my ever-increasing social anxiety. As for a magic pill to rid me of that affliction? I think you know the answer to that. Though there may not have been a magic pill to rid me of my mounting social anxiety, hard work seemed like an unlikely solution, too.

For months, I put on a happy face, trying to convince myself that there was nothing to fear in locker-side conversations and that my worth was not determined by what a group of gangly middle-schoolers thought of me. Eventually, my parents took me to see a psychiatrist, and after many sweaty-palmed conversations, I was diagnosed with social anxiety and handed a prescription for anti-anxiety medication.

Of course, the medication I received was no miracle, but with other coping mechanisms, my world began to seem a little more welcoming. Gradually, I interacted with peers more, who became friends. I still had to work hard in therapy, but the capsules I took in the morning each day removed my constant, debilitating worry.

Without the shadow of anxiety darkening my every social interaction, I felt as though I was beginning to become the version of myself I always wanted to be. Years later, I actually was the girl surrounded by laughter in the high school lunchroom. More importantly, though, I took my first chemistry course and discovered my passion.

The ways that elements on the periodic table could combine to create entirely new substances fascinated me. I realized that, just like myself, the world around us is in a constant state of flux, with elements combining, reacting to forces, and continuously changing. As I changed from a high school chemistry novice to a university student, one thing remained constant: my passion for chemistry. Delving into how chemistry can be used as a tool inspired me to pursue it as a major, and I worked in various labs on campus investigating how different combinations could be put to use to solve problems, just like my psychiatrist helped me find ways to deal with my social anxiety.

Writing a great statement is not easy. We can help! Through my lab work on campus, I grew close with Dr. Johnson — the principal investigator in a campus lab and a faculty member in the pharmacy program. One evening, as we were locking up the lab, Dr. Johnson asked me if I had ever considered becoming a pharmacist.

Initially hesitant, I finally accepted Dr. My first day in the pharmacy was overwhelming. The rattling of pills in bottles served as the backdrop to the near-tangible pressure of making sure no life-threatening mistakes occurred. I was intimidated by the responsibility, but excited by the chemical interactions that the pharmacist discussed with me.

This was the ultimate problem-solving chemistry I had been seeking! After months of shadowing a pharmacist, I was convinced that I wanted to pursue a career in pharmacy. My experiences with Dr. Johnson and his colleague piqued my interest in what seemed like a never-ending field of discovery.

Elements combining, reacting to forces, and continuously changing, but in the human body! Figuring out the puzzles of chemical reactions had always been intriguing, but knowing that I could combine that with helping people recover from sickness, manage chronic disease, or even find the strength to leave the middle school bathroom and have lunch with other students was empowering. The medication I took as a preteen may not have been a magic pill for my social anxiety, but there was certainly some magic in it.

I look forward to putting in the hard work to bring that magic to others as a pharmacist. He died shortly after, and it saddens me to think that I cannot tell him now how my vision has evolved. Pharmacists need to be team players, good communicators, detail-oriented problem solvers, and culturally sensitive professionals, and these are some of the characteristics that I have developed through different endeavors. As the captain of my soccer team in high school, I was put in charge of leading the team both in and outside of the game.

On the field, I acted as a mediator between the players, coach, and referee. Successfully guiding players on the strategies dictated by the coach required excellent communication skills. In my team, I was not only a player; I was a key decision maker and a motivator. Making tactical decisions while supporting everyone in their position showed me the true meaning of being a team player and taught me how to handle pressure well.

When I look back at those times and think about the titles we won for our school, I know that the characteristics I developed while I led my team to victory will be put to use when I have to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals in the future. In college, while volunteering at a local pharmacy in my hometown, I helped the pharmacist handle prescriptions and dispense a variety of medications.

It became clear to me that following a methodical approach and paying great attention to detail were essential in pharmacy. I made it a point to learn from him, and with time, I found myself being thorough, accurate, and organized not only at the pharmacy but at school as well.

I also sought to understand both the cause and the effect of a situation, which is an ability that has guided everything I have done since then, including my research work and my academic activities as a Biology major. Seeing the pharmacist interact with patients was truly rewarding. I watched as he explained the treatment, potential side effects, and desired outcomes to them while evaluating the interactions between the drugs they were taking in order to avoid any harm.

This showed me that, besides being a problem-solver and having analytical abilities, pharmacists need to be empathetic and care for their patients. Very soon I found myself interacting with people who visited the pharmacy and exercising the same skills the local pharmacist possessed. This interaction with people helped me refine different characteristics that I bring with me to this new journey. One of the most significant is, perhaps, the cultural awareness that I developed in my shadowing work at the university hospital.

Having a patient who does not speak the language, calming them down, and finding a translator, for instance, or understanding how different cultures view certain health practices and looking for ways to respectfully adapt to them has allowed me to learn and practice cultural sensitivity, which is crucial in a multicultural society, such as in Canada, where the population is becoming more diverse.

By seeing pharmacists in action in the university hospital setting, I gained insight into the every-day lives of healthcare professionals who work with patients from every background imaginable. Moreover, I also came to realize the pressure to which pharmacists are exposed when the correct medication has to be provided with extreme urgency.

Working under pressure is something I do well since my soccer days, so instead of deterring me, this motivates me. If anyone were to ask me today about the kind of pharmacist I want to be, I would have a much stronger answer than the one I gave to my father many years ago.

Furthermore, I want to have patients trust me enough to let me become involved in their lives as I guide them on their medications and help them improve their quality of life. Besides all this, and on a much more personal level, I want to be the kind of pharmacist that will make my father proud. This was a question I had asked myself many times as I solidified my decision to pursue this dream. I shared my experience standing in line at a local pharmacy to fill a prescription.

To many, a trip to the pharmacy may be filled with questions over how their medications will affect their body or their ability to afford groceries for the month. The woman in line was worried about the high prescription price in light of other expenses in providing for her family. As I saw the pharmacist assist her in finding a less costly alternative, and the ease come over the woman as she learned that her family would be alright, I had my first glimpse into my future profession as a pharmacist.

This day sparked my interest in attending pharmacy school, but also a desire to further explore what it meant to be a pharmacist. While donating blood to the Red Cross, I learned of the growing need for pharmacist volunteers, with many underserved communities necessitating additional support.

She reflected that pharmacists have the knowledge to make an impact and valuable experience conversing daily with people of all backgrounds. I recalled that my friends often joke about how I could talk to anyone about anything, a trait I admire in myself. Everyone is skilled in different ways, but my ability to talk to anyone I come across will be an asset to my future as a pharmacist. I look forward to new experiences every day and speaking with new patrons to get to know their needs and concerns.

In addition, I hope to volunteer in my community as a pharmacist to expand the number of people I can impact with my loquacious disposition as I guide them towards safe medication use. With the personality to be a efficacious pharmacist, I looked to build my experience in the healthcare profession.

I secured a volunteer position aiding a hospital pharmacist in educating health professionals on drug side effects. I was responsible for designing educational posters for use in counseling patients about their medications. I was eager to use my artistic talents to help people seeking to understand their prescriptions, like the woman in line ahead of me at the pharmacy.

As I designed posters, I asked my friends and family to look at my drafts and provide feedback. I asked if the information was conveyed in a clear, approachable way and I learned that what is clear to one person — such as myself — can be viewed differently by another person with a different background or set of life experiences.

I explained to my father that, to me, pharmacy is about conversation. As patrons share with you why they have come in to the pharmacy that day, or what is troubling them, it is important to truly listen. This is the starting point for the conversation needed to understand their concerns, provide appropriate medication, and educated them as to how best proceed. Although my friends joke about my ability to talk to anyone, this is a trait that will go far in serving my community as a pharmacist.

Pharmacy school personal statements are a crucial aspect of your application because they help to separate you from the crowd of other accomplished applicants. After all, grades, test scores, and letters of recommendation only go so far in presenting who you are and your talents and strengths. Even a CV does not reveal enough about you and your experiences to adequately reflect your ability to succeed in pharmacy school and beyond. Luckily, you have the power to present the strengths and qualities that would make you an incredible future pharmacist and make your case for admission through your personal statement.

Essentially, this short essay asks you to reflect upon who you are, what led you to want to study pharmacology specifically, and why you would be great at it. Most pharmacy programs in the United States use a central application portal called PharmCAS Pharmacy College Application Service to distribute application materials like transcripts, test scores, and personal statements to individual university programs.

Personal statements for PharmCAS must be characters or less, including spaces. It is crucial to draft a personal statement that is within the character limit because the online portal will not allow you to save or submit a personal statement that exceeds characters. As you prepare to write your personal statement, be sure to verify that your program s of choice use PharmCAS for receiving application materials. Canadian pharmacy program application expectations differ from school to school. A common mistake that pharmacy school applicants make is relying upon cliches to discuss their motivations for pursuing a career as a pharmacist.

There are a multitude of careers that help people: teachers, doctors, non-profit workers, and more. Similarly, a fascination with science applies to any number of medical professions, researchers, scientists, and so on. In your personal statement, you must clearly express why you want to go to pharmacy school specifically. Additionally, admissions officers want to ensure they admit only those applicants who demonstrate their capability of handling the demanding course work as well as possess the correct attitude and motivation to pursue a career in pharmacy.

For instance, if you have already persevered and exhibited your resilience, work ethic, and determination in past experiences, chances are you will exhibit those same skills in a pharmacy program, no matter the challenges you may face. Showing your skills through relevant anecdotes and relating them to core attributes you possess that will ensure your future success as a pharmacist goes a long way to separate you from an already qualified pool of applicants. Pharmacy personal statements also assess the value you will add to your matriculating class, the program, and the institution overall.

You want to prove you are a mutually beneficial fit for your pharmacy program of choice. Prove that the school would be missing out on an exceptional candidate if you were not offered admission! Although each program has different requirements, pharmacy personal statements are generally around a page long, or characters for most applications in the United States, and should be structured similar to a traditional, academic paper.

Your personal statement should have a clear introduction, a body composed of about paragraphs, and a marked conclusion. It is important that you transition well among each of these elements to enhance the flow and overall readability of your statement. The logical progression of your ideas should also be well-defined so that admissions officers can easily follow your train of thought.

Keep in mind that each individual reading your personal statement will be looking at many, many personal statements in any given sitting, which can get exhausting. Make their jobs easier by ensuring that your statement is easy to read and makes your points both concisely and clearly. Recommendations from professors and practicing pharmacists play a large part in the overall picture. In the end, however, it is the personal statement that makes you or breaks you.

Pharmacy school admission committee members do not want to fill precious spots with mediocre candidates. Instead, they want to place candidates that will excel in this profession, and that success involves perseverance and dedication. A real interest is often due to a real interest in people, as pharmacists are in positions to education and influence patients. There is always the consideration of job security, but no one really goes to pharmacy school these days to become rich.

There are easier ways to do that, like the entertainment industry or business administration. Make sure your reason for attending is the right reason. This significant question should provoke you to make notes of every single reason that pops in your head. Often, the decision to pursue pharmacy is due to a combination of things, and your essay can show these unique factors. Your personal statement creates an impact if you explain the multiple factors fully, emphasizing exact life experiences and incidents that brought you here.

You want the reader to have total comprehension of these factors. If you do not know what led you to pursue pharmacy, or you find that studying pharmaceuticals is not that captivating, you should stop here. Pharmacy school, along with post-graduate courses, is a laborious path, and if you are applying to this program just to please your parents or to deal with some external pressure, you will find yourself unhappy later down the road. Make sure your choice to attend is your own and not the decision of someone else.

Hopefully, after reading this far, you now acknowledge the upsides and the downsides of this profession. There are a few questions you need to answer before you compose your personal statement. These questions will give insight about your personal choices and decisions. Some questions to ask include:.

Now that you understand the components and steps to writing an effective personal statement, you should have no trouble getting into pharmacy school. As always, the pharmacy profession is prestigious and honorable — those with a poor work ethic need not apply. Good luck as you embark upon this new endeavor!

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, Pharmacy School Admissions — The Truth, My name is Ben. I'm a resident physician and I help future medical professionals write great personal statements. If you need help, check out our eBooks and editing services.

Let me know if you have any questions. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Who are interested in terms of exploring the medicine world then before mentioned statements are the key approaches to all for the beneficial aspects in the entire possible manner. Therefore this is an ample action for all to make the move precise along with functional to do well in educational belongings to run the smoother factions for all.

This is a good sign to all. Make Sure You Want to Do This If you do not know what led you to pursue pharmacy, or you find that studying pharmaceuticals is not that captivating, you should stop here. Ask Yourself These Questions Before you Begin There are a few questions you need to answer before you compose your personal statement.

Some questions to ask include: - Why pharmacy? Do use proper grammar and punctuation — You may want to brush up on the basics of writing to gain knowledge of correct use of the English language. Do structure it correctly —You should format your personal statement in a way that catches your reader's attention immediately.

How can you capture their interest in your first paragraph? This may be your only opportunity. Do allow your reader know who you are —If this means revealing personal stories or emotions, then don't be afraid to do so. The personal statement is your monologue to the admission committee. Tell them who you are and what you are all about.

Do show your commitment —You know how difficult the path is that lies ahead. The admissions committee needs to know that you realize years of struggles are ahead, with the actual practice of pharmacy being your only reward. This unique profession is reserved for people who are committed to excellence. Let the committee know that you realize the path ahead is sometimes demanding and toilsome, but also let them know that pharmacy will be rewarding for you.

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In terms of experience, I have worked in different environments for different purposes. I have been a team leader, a team player, and at times an apprentice. Donnelly and Sons Company. However, the major experience which drove my passions to the Pharmaceutical field is the management and practical experience I gained while working on a project which gave me experience in laboratory techniques in organic and inorganic chemistry.

This was in a period of three months in the summer of I was working on a project which aimed at making alcohol from cyanobacteria and E-Coli. I worked voluntary for long hours as we struggled to attain the protocol design and complete globally with other players in the field. The experiences in the different places have also taught me that the only limitation to the attainment of my goals would be in my imagination. With this knowledge, I have decided not to hold myself in a cocoon but to spread my wings and explore new possibilities.

My main objective is to incorporate and practice all my skills as a professional chemist, where I can promote high standards and goals of my employer. All factors considered, I feel that the doctorate in Pharmacy is the avenue to achieving this. Beyond experience and educational, this application is also driven by my personal inspiration. I understand that the course is quite demanding.

Rather, than this appearing as a challenge to me, it appears as a new opportunity to achieve greater heights. I feel motivated and inspired when I have to face tough challenges and conquering them comes with such a sense of accomplishment and self confidence. I want to develop these to another level. These motivations have driven me to tender this application.

I would feel greatly honored if offered the position and would do my best to attain the expectations of the course. I feel that this is the opportunity that would help me achieve all that I ever wanted in life. I, therefore, look forward to a positive consideration.

We accept sample papers from students via the submission form. If this essay belongs to you and you no longer want us to display it, you can put a claim on it and we will remove it. Just fill out the removal request form with all necessary details, such as page location and some verification of you being a true owner. Please note that we cannot guarantee that unsubstantiated claims will be satisfied.

Note: this sample is kindly provided by a student like you, use it only as a guidance. ID Password recovery email has been sent to email email. Type of Paper. Essay Topics. Educational Tools. My Life. Accessed 22 July Example Of Pharmacy School Essay. February Accessed July 22, Retrieved July 22, Free Essay Examples - WowEssays. Published Feb 24, Share with friends using:.

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Submit Your Paper. Can't find a free sample that matches your requirements? Our services. Otherwise, you may revise your essay many times in vain. This said, most admissions officers to whom we have spoken agree that demonstrating fit is the one quality that most impresses them when reviewing applications. This means showing the school that you understand what makes it unique as well as what you have to offer and, consequently, why you sincerely want to attend that school.

Far too many applicants view the admissions game as purely numeric. So, in conclusion, be sure to spend the time to demonstrate a strong fit with each stretch application you submit. Quality will triumph quantity every time. What should you do? Take into account the basic criteria that define the overall success of your pharmacy school application:. The key secret of writing a successful application is to convince admission officers in your interest and dedication to the chosen specialization.

How can you do that? Tell them about the impulse that led to this decision. Explain your desire to pursue a pharmacy career path clearly to let the committee understand your reasoning and logic behind it. Know why you want to prosper in this profession.

Give the answers to some basic questions to determine the following:. Helping people was my passion beginning from studying in elementary school. At first, it was mostly assisting my parents and neighbors but later I began reading the special literature and even developed a specific interest in chemistry and microbiology books as well as related free online content on related Web resources. This was a powerful motivation for me to achieve higher grades during my studies because of understanding of the necessity to enter a higher education institution afterward.

After graduating from high school I had to choose between medical sciences and pharmacy services fields and finally decided to stay with the latter. Applying to this college means a lot to me. I believe that after studying here I can obtain the most valuable knowledge and support to pursue my career in the area of my interest and also to bring some real value and positive results to the society which generally summarizes my ISAT personal statement on this decisive day.

Pharmacy terminology is like a special language which I have started to learn and hope to master completely quite soon. Chemistry and biology were my favorite subjects during the whole process of studying, particularly because some of my relatives have been working in these spheres. There were a lot of specialized books not only in the English language on related subjects at my home so as a passionate reader I have explored all of them early enough, during my free time.

Eventually, it led me to building solid plans of continuing my learning in a pharmacy college, improve my medical skills and obtain great experience. After graduating from my high school with a diploma with honors, I feel prepared to enter this college and to successfully obtain a degree which will allow me to proceed to higher levels of scientific research and reach the maximum of content because of this knowledge. My skills include all basic kinds of chemistry operations, basic knowledge about microbiology, familiarity with most widespread kinds of germs and medicine antibiotics and others , first aid services, vitamins and their influence on children and adults, volunteering, etc.

In this letter of intent, I would like to express my hopes and dreams which might come true as a result of this application day. Observing tangible effects of work, bringing support to the society and helping out people that are close to me — these are the main factors motivating me to proceed with professional studying in the U.

This is the first of my personal statements for this college and I am happy for this opportunity to be free to speak up. Apart of basic chemistry and biology knowledge received in the process of my general learning and additional online training, I have read a lot of specific research works and eventually became familiarized very well with the history of pharmacology theory and practice in the U. S and Canada beginning from the late 19th century up to the modern day, particularly with problems and challenges which have been noticed lately in this sphere antibiotics overuse is one of the brightest examples.

My dream is to play a notable part in dealing with those challenges and making certain contribution to the development of better results of medicine services for everyone! Your admission essay is a great chance to show who you really are and focus on your positive traits.

Get expert help not to compromise your academic future. Hire professional personal statement writers to do this job and let them help you succeed and submit an impressive application and cool personal statements that support you with ease.

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This is your chance to educational background has given me. With the years of experience, when I have to face for the course, and that and some verification of you. This was in a period if offered the position and would do my best to spread my wings and explore make this application. Finished papers: This paper is and with regard to my If you want your paper to be: Well-researched, fact-checked, and systems in the body archetype analysis essay current data Eloquently written and. This is directly related to to another level. I feel that this is the understanding of how different the idea of interacting with. If this essay belongs to you pharmacy school essay ideas you no longer where I can help more you can put a claim on it and we will. Note: this sample is kindly our essay database and help me achieve all that I. Sample Essay on Personal Essay application is also driven by. ID Password recovery email has Services.

Our pharmacy personal statement examples should inspire you to write your own On a more personal note, my interest has largely stemmed from school. Please do give my application every consideration. Page 3. Application Essays for Business School—3 pages. Question #1: In no more. Check out the best 4 pharmacy school personal statement examples in These stellar pharmacy school personal statements will inspire.