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The winning essays on bullying are dreams essay topics

The winning essays on bullying are



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An analysis of an American study shows that rejection by parents is the most influential factor in the emergence of problem behavior in adolescents a middle factor - family relationships. Another cause of bullying is a presence of an aggressive child, who sneezes at the feelings of others, who is looking for the weaker, uses it as a pear to beat, leveling his psychological state. It is possible to distinguish such child victim of the aggressor from "exile" on one sign.

But the child victim of the aggressor may even be a leader in other teams where his psychological structure will be considered strong. Aggressive manifestations of intersex communication between high school students are associated with the most common model of gender socialization of the younger generation, the main feature of which is deep-rooted and existing gender stereotypes.

These gender stereotypes, which reproduce masculinity and femininity as bipolar constructs in constant opposition, directly influence the behavior of the younger generation, including junior and high school students. In the behavior of high school students, gender stereotypes contribute to the emergence and formation of such a negative phenomenon as bullying, one of the varieties of which is aggressive verbal behavior using sexually negative vocabulary.

The main activity of adolescents is communication. Communication with peers is crucial for the formation of a young person's social identity, in particular its gender component. It is at this age that future gender roles are formed, which determine the further path of a person in all spheres of social life. First of all, the parents should explain to the child what bullying is.

Most do not understand in the early stages what this is and what teachers need to be told about the insults. Therefore, it is important to explain to children what others have the right to do with them and what they do not have the right to do. It starts with kindergarten, when, for example, when parents complain about being forced to eat, well, you don't eat anything, but you spend all day in kindergarten.

Thus giving another person the right to physically abuse their child. And when other children steal her notebooks at school, force her to carry her briefcase, drive her away - it seems to her innocent jokes, which she does not tell. Secondly, the parents should develop a protective strategy. They should not run to school right away. First, it is advisable to find out from the child what she thinks about the situation and support. If the child cannot handle it, then the parents may go to school.

Also, the parents should fo to school when physical force is used, in which case, no matter how ashamed the child is, no matter what she says aggressors usually embarrass children who are protected by their parents. One can advise to spend more time with senior children. If possible, such children can be advised not to leave the teacher for a long time to prevent violence. When advising, the parents should ask if the child can do so. If the answer is - I am uncomfortable, ashamed, I can not - look for other options.

The main thing is not to embarrass. From a legal point of view, the parent cannot talk directly with the offender. This can only be initiated through a school or psychologist. Otherwise, one can get a lawsuit for intimidating someone else's child. The application for bullying must be made in writing, in the state language, indicating the surname, name, patronymic of the applicant, address, contact telephone number.

It is noted that a written application without indication of residence, not signed by the author ie an application without indicating the surname, name and patronymic of the applicant or from which it is impossible to establish authorship, is considered anonymous and is not considered. The educational specialist must consider the application in the case of bullying, issue a written order to conduct an investigation, in which to identify authorized persons and establish a commission to review the case of bullying.

The commission may include pedagogical workers, a psychologist and a social worker, the victim's parents and the bully's parents, the head of the educational institution, and other interested persons. When it comes to appearance - make a photo shoot to emphasize. As for isolation - find an activity where exactly these qualities will be most needed.

However, if the bullying lasts for several months, it is a must to address the psychologist. The consequences of bullying can be different. Most often - it is closed, psychologists have to work with anti-social adolescents who are completely unable to communicate with the outside world. We have to explain that the world is not as scary as it was before. This can last from 2 to 3 years.

Such children destroy their faith in society, they are wary, anxious. But the biggest fear is teenage suicidal thoughts. Victims of bullying suffer a lot, apart from embarrassment and insults to abusers or observers. They often experience psychological and physical exhaustion or humiliation, miss classes, and cannot concentrate on school. Victims have low self-esteem, self-confidence, and a sense of security, and their victimization often leads to depression, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts, and these effects can last for years, so the sooner bullying is put to an end, the better for the victim in the long run.

The academic performance of victims of bullying, of course, is also changing grades are deteriorating, missed classes, lack of concentration on learning. Interestingly, on average, the assessments of those who are humiliated deteriorate compared to others, but among the victims, the number of those who receive good grades outweighs those who study poorly.

Pupils who are victims of different types of bullying at school are more likely to show patterns of behavior that are different from those used by other children. Among them - fear of attacks, absenteeism, avoidance of dangerous places stairs, dining room, courtyard, preschool entrance, corridors, bathrooms , refusal to participate in additional clubs, sections, etc.

In recent years, the percentage of students who do not feel safe at school or on or off the school, is increasing, as is the number of those who avoid certain places at school for their own safety and those who report the presence of "street gangs" at school.

Moreover, abuses at school can result in alcohol, drug abuse, smoking, or other unwanted behaviors. Considering all the negative issued associated with bullying, there is a strong necessity to eliminate its presence in the educational environment. Both parents and educators should be more attentive to the behavior of the students and address all the possible conflicts in a calm and psychologically beneficial manner.

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Here are top 10 topics that you may use for your essay: Cyber bullying, its causes and features. The effects of adolescent bullying experience on adults. How the schools should prevent bullying. The main actor of bullying: how not to bring up an aggressor. The culture of bullying: why is it so widespread nowadays? In any case, they say, students themselves have to take the lead in making bullying uncool.

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