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Free essay on a haunted house


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The number of haunted houses, both professional and ameture, has reached well into the thousands as of That means you have many to choose from this coming holiday. The average big house, a professional house with a substantial run time, draws in at least patrons a night. Yet, with the millions of participants every year, I would confidently say that less than half, if even that, are really getting the most out of the experience.

Worry not, for i have prepared all that you need to know about. Halloween is getting more popular with skin-crawling costumes, horrifying haunted houses and spooky stories. For over 2, years, Halloween has been celebrated. In honor of Halloween, haunted houses all over the world open their doors to thousands of thrill seekers. Camp Fear offers scary movies for 5 dollars in their nightmare. We got bored and decided to play dares.

We did a couple of funny dares, but then things got serious. If there was one thing that has grasped my attention as much as it caused me nightmares, it was haunted houses. Not the type of haunted houses that pop up around Halloween and frighten you with organized jump scares. I mean real haunted houses with a backstory. My interest started after I had accidently watched My Paranormal Encounter while channel surfing.

Coincidentally it was friday the 13th. The small town has a population of roughly six hundred people living there, but those six hundred people are known to put on one the best haunted houses in the state. Everyone who goes to this event has a great time and leaves scared. However this night was not like any others, no one left scared.

It takes roughly an hour to get through the house. It consists of scary props, scary people, fake. I like the idea of a haunted house. I would go to one. Although every time I go to a haunted house I get nervous. As I found out today. Meanwhile, it was a cool Friday in Michigan. I was bouncing up and down in my chair as I scarfed down a hearty breakfast.

I couldn't wait. We were approaching the end which was an old rickety bridge you had to cross. Underneath the bridge was shallow water colored red with what looked like dead bodies floating in it. We saw the bodies jumping out of the water at random times to scare people. All my friends gathered around me as they laughed at the way I was screaming while being carried away. We laughed all the way to her house and surprise surprise I was the talk of the night.

The best thing about the haunted house was I got to cuddle up to my crush. Haunted House. Accessed July 23, Download paper. Essay, Pages 4 words. Turn in your highest-quality paper Get a qualified writer to help you with. Get quality help now. Verified writer. Proficient in: Halloween.

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We could see nothing except the walls of the empty living room we were in. Suddenly there was a loud crash from upstairs and the moans turned to screams. We screamed too and ran out of the house as fast as we could, leaving behind everything that we had brought.

The hair on the back of my head stood on end for hours afterwards. We never dared to go back into the house, not even in the daytime. My uncle had to go and retrieve the things we had left behind there. Junior English essays.

English Conversation. English Grammar. American Idioms. English Comprehension. English Summary. English News. Business Idioms. The haunted house. Everyone says that the old house at the end of the road is haunted. So, is the house haunted? All I can say is that if you want to know, go and find out for yourself. American Slang.

English Proverbs. English Exercises. Common English mistakes. Ancient Chinese stories. For many people, haunted houses are a big part of the Halloween tradition and mystique. Not for the faint of heart, some haunted houses are created specifically for the holiday celebration, while others are believed to be inhabited and haunted by real ghosts and entities.

Brave visitors wander the virtual haunted house, armed only with a flashlight. It is recommended users play in the dark for an extra scary experience. Flash is required. Read the tragic story of the family who inhabited the grounds many years ago. View the map and wander through the virtual mansion and cemetery to find the clues as to what transpired.

This activity is not recommended for young children. Augustine and New Orleans in this real-life offline adventure. Visit actual cemeteries and homes in a real hearse and hear the stories of the haunted. The Hearse Ghost Tours website includes special effects and music for those interested in the actual tour.

Players have nine chances to guess the correct word in this Hangman style activity. Free essay samples Examples The Haunted House.

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Essay Sample: I have this fear of masks, haunted houses, and anything scary. It was a cool fall day in the month of October. All my friends were preparing. Free Essays from Help Me | surrounded by a great dark forest, stood an ancient, crumbling manor, known as the Haunted House. The Haunted House Term paper. While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your.