essay on why we should honor veterans

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Essay on why we should honor veterans tyranny of the urgent essay charles hummel

Essay on why we should honor veterans


Veterans are those who have served in order to honor and protect their country. As these individuals boldly practiced their beliefs in freedom, they inadvertently rewrote history, and we as Americans honor these patriots who were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice. Veterans Day is the day that we set aside to honor those who served, but one day does not cover all the bloodshed.

The day is not enough to show the appreciation which is due to the countless number of heroic men and women. The American people should do more to show respect to their veterans. After the many hard, sweaty days fighting the enemy with your friends dying all around you, the confrontation is finally over.

A soldier gets to go home, but others will not be so lucky. This is what it means to be a veteran. Many people would just say it is putting on a uniform and carrying a gun against an enemy, but it is so much more than that. It is serving your country and standing up for what one believes is right.

A veteran's glory is not appreciated by the majority of the American people, because they do not understand all the heartache and pain that comes with the job. These heroes did not have to be asked to do what was right, or uphold their countries' values. True, some were drafted to fight, but not one of these individuals would say it was not a life changing experience for them. The memory, whether happy or painful, will be permanently stuck with them for the rest of their lives.

He wants the nation to be united stronger and that they will improve the future generations. He wants everyone to realize that they have a part to play and only when they realize their part will the nation be strong. The Gettysburg Address tells the people of America that even if many are lost that, the quest is not finished, that there is still much to be done before they can feel free and live their life through the freedom graced upon them by God.

Despite the loss of almost 4, American and more than 32, Americans wounded, America have to remember that Iraq was out for the USA and had we not freed Iraq from Saddam dictatorship then we would still be today fighting. The facts and the truth may never be truly reveled, but the fact stands that this war had to happen and Iraq needed America to aid them to their freedom and democracy USA News.

In summary, Winkle favored the war because he was a Marine. It was all he had known since he was 18 years old. He loved the camaraderie of being a soldier. They also brought hope and comfort to peoples of other nations such as the people who suffered in the earthquakes in Pakistan and those areas devastated by the tsunami a few years before.

From the deadly beaches at Normandy, to jungle warfare in South Vietnam, the vast deserts of Iraq, or the hillsides of Bosnia-Herzegovina Those veterans have answered the nations calling and have done and continue to do so proudly. If service is the calling then sacrifice is the price our veterans must pay for that service. From the time our Soldiers, Joseph experienced blazing hot summers, and freezing cold summers but continued to fight for independence. Several factors could have been motivation for Martin to stay in the army, such as being highly respected by his superiors, or being promoted to a corporal However, looking at the bigger picture I think that he continued to serve because he not only was a true patriot to his country, but because he shared the same values as Job and was portrayed patience to endure the suffering until the end Joseph grew close to and created an inseparably bond between him and his fellow soldiers.

They were like family; they endured sufferings, dangers, victories, and defeats together. Eisenhower in America showed loyalty to their country throughout World War 2 from the home front to the battlefield, gaining the prestigious effects on America by winning the devastating war. Although the frontline of the battle is more well-known, the home front during World War 2 was what kept the men at was going strong. Now I know what he was feeling the day he stood there, completely still, waiting for us to come down to the crowd of soldiers and find him spec And I feel for them, I feel sympathy, but even more so I feel pride.

Pride I can say I made it, and I am officially a solder. Pride I am now part of a very small percentage that has made the decision to serve our wonderful nation. I thank God every day for those who serve with me, for those who are overseas fighting. Letters, however, were not only important to the mothers, wives, children, and other relatives, but they were also important to all the soldiers at war. When families received letters it let them know how the soldier was doing which would give the family relief.

When a loved one is away constant worry becomes real, getting a letter telling loved ones they are okay is the best thing. All the letters sent out of the war were monitored so that the enemy could not get any information to help them get ahead in the war. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality.

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Why Are Veterans Special? By Grace Gomez-Palacio. To answer this question, I think we first need to remember why the United States is so distinct. Everyone should honor the veterans of our nation at all times, not just on holidays like Veteran's Day and Memorial Day during which we are constantly reminded. Include some creativity and heart-felt gratitude in your essay, so readers empathize with the sacrifices veterans have made. For example, you might discuss the.