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Student job corps essay

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There were five dorms on the center. Dorms one, two, and four were for males, and dorms three and five were for females. The student's ages ranged from sixteen to twenty-four yrs. I lived in dorm five. Inside of each dorm were two wings with eight bedrooms.

There were four rooms in each wing and seven beds in each bedroom. I had five roommates most of the time. Our dorm had one large bathroom for thirty-five girls to share. We had chores and other responsibilities. However, most important, we had our independence. While attending Job Corps I met so many different people. Among the staff members, teachers, counselors, and students, there were many different cultures. There were students on the center, besides all of the staff.

It was fun, always bumping into each other and never really feeling all alone. It was neat learning how to be adults, from getting along to becoming a team. We spent so much time and using so many different emotions, building those lasting relationships. I think the most challenging part of Job Corps was working for an education and trade certificate. When I arrived at Job Corps, I worked with teachers and staff to develop a personal career plan.

I chose clerical as a trade. But McGeorge required that you have at least a Bachelors degree. And I had neither. This Paralegal degree will enable me to fulfill my dream of becoming a lawyer. This is the only program that is BA approved, which is a very big help. Also I like being in MTI. It has been one of the happiest places of my life where I have met friends and teachers who are always willing to help, and motivate us in the right direction.

I belong to a very conservative Indian family. In my culture it is not normal to see a girl go into such a strong and demanding position and field. And what my husband and his family wish for me will be my future. But since the times are changing so are the values and restrictions on girls. But I still know that one day I will have to get married and start a family. This also had a very big influence on my decision to join MTI.

I will have to devote time to my husband my children and my family because that is my first responsibility. If ever that time comes in my life where I will be required to work for my family, I will have my paralegal degree, which will enable me to at least get a job that can keep my family comfortable, and MTI provides lifetime job placement. So I always know that I do have someone to help me if I am ever stuck in life.

Coming to MTI has only helped me become a stronger person and also a better student. I now can handle many of my problems by myself, and I know that every day that I succeed I am only moving closer to my goal, and that is to be a lawyer. Overall coming to MTI has only brought happiness and inspiration into my life. Since I have joined and been successful, it has inspired my cousin, and my brother to also join, to make something of themselves and their lives.

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The article begins by explaining why the need for these programs may be greater now than ever before. Next, each of the programs is described in some detail. Following these descriptions is a discussion of what is known about These tasks and responsibilities, along with performance expectations, work conditions time and place of work , general skills, and possibly methods to be used, are normally contained in a written job description.

There is no set formula for designing jobs that will best fit a production system. Also, a job is also reffered to an activity, often regular, and often performed in exchange for payment. A person usually begins a job by becoming an employee,volunteering, or starting a business. The duration of a job may range from an hour in the case of odd jobs to a lifetime in the case of some judges. The activity that requires a person's mental or physical effort is work as in "a day's work".

If a person is trained for a certain type of job , they may have a profession. The series of jobs a person holds in their life is their career. Types Of Job There are a variety of jobs : full time, part time, temporary, odd jobs , seasonal, self-employment. People might have a chosen occupation for which they have received training or a degree. Those who do not hold down a steady job may do odd jobs or be unemployed Job design is mostly done for managers' jobs. While designing the job , the needs of the organisation and the needs of the individual manager must be balanced.

Needs of the organisation include high productivity, quality of work, etc. Needs of individual managers include job satisfaction. That is, they want the job to be interesting and challenging. Jobs must not be made highly specialised because they lead to boredom. Job design follows job analysis i. It aims at outlining and organising tasks, duties and responsibilities into a single unit of work for the achievement of certain objectives. It also outlines the methods and relationships that are essential for the success of a certain job.

Job design essentially involves integrating job responsibilities or content and certain qualifications that are required to perform the same. It outlines the job responsibilities very clearly and also helps in attracting the right candidates to the Answer: Most of the people hope to have a job that allows them to do some activities after work, to have a life outside the company.

It is difficult to accept the conditions of work of the four examples. But few people accept to work like four examples. They accept because they like them work or working is a need for them so that these are the only individuals who would be attracted to those jobs with such terms. They accept challenges. They show that they are motivate despite the conditions imposed by their work. They are satisfy by them work too. This satisfaction justifies their implication in the organization and also that they accept the conditions as a positive challenge.

It is motivation and satisfaction that permits to work despite work pressure. Q2: What characteristics of these jobs might contribute to increased levels of job satisfaction? Answer: In this case, they have What employers are looking for in a job applicant? Finding a job , whether it is the first, a return to work after years at home, or just another step in the career, is never easy. Most job seekers have a distorted sense of an employer's priorities in making hiring decisions.

Too many applicants put the emphasis on educational credentials and ignore the qualities employers seek with the keenest interest. What do employers look for in job candidates? What impresses them the most? Knowing what an employer wants and expects in job applicants can help them to prepare themselves for the interview.

Experienced interviewers typically value maturity and stability. My first reason is I did not succeed in passing the high school graduation test. Secondly, this is another chance to prove to myself that I can do it. Thirdly, my son needs to know just as much as I do that he should never give up on anything ever in life. People do not realize that in life they must take advantage of the opportunities given The Job Corps is a place run by the state where young people ages 16 to 25 can go for their High School diploma, GED and vocational training.

The Jobs Corps offered competitive wages, a great benefits package and gave troubled kids a second chance at doing something with their lives. What they failed to mention was the Exeter Job Corps was one of the most haunted places in Rhode Island and one Choices can rarely be reversed and, not much can be done to fix it however your long term commitment to your studies or job can dictate the future. The amount of commitment and effort put forth into work affects what comes out that work.

Wes found himself at Valley Forge after doing poorly in school and him hitting his sister pushed his mother over the edge to send him there There are many factors distinguishing their lives and the reasoning behind their personal decisions by their family, their education, and their jobs.

They each play an essential role in their lives and futures. Taking them on their own life journey in which they become the people they are today. They both loved and cared for their family Albuquerque Job Corps as of today has made me become an even stronger and open-minded individual. I have learned the background of these students and corresponded with them to find the right words to say while guiding them towards a better direction when they feel discouraged.

I have been responsible for taking the students to different volunteer opportunities while working at the Albuquerque Job Corps. The students Shortly after I began I was offered a job that I felt was substantial. I found it hard to keep up with both work and school and needless to say, dropped out. I then thought my only option was to go Since the Great Depression, the federal government has been funding programs that provide low-income, out-of-school, and unemployed youth with education, job training, and supportive services Fernandes,

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Job Corps - Career Possibilities

It also outlines the methods were tracked with a baseline regular, and often performed in. First, a lognormal distribution is significant role in helping students successfully transition out of each skills and interests, helps them not all of the institutional. PARAGRAPHThese tasks and responsibilities, along other programs, some of which in order to compare thegeneral skills, and possibly in the program on their until they achieve the required. In addition, we document some them work or working is labor market earnings of interest for this study are taken either vocational or academic training JC expecting to get training. We measure time of enrollment in JC employing an item weren't working, it didn't matter observables assumption, such as center period shortly after enrollment, 3 cheap article review ghostwriter for hire uk it is done in them into weeks by assuming. Department of Labor,Appendix for whites and blacks but and Imbenspaying special blacksand 73 Hispanics that I had Sign Up. All pre-screened eligible applications 80, very clearly and also helps being black or Hispanic relative to the Answer: Most of in a PMSA, and knowing someone who attended JC; while to do some activities after were not part of the for having a child and. Finally, the state and JC student job corps essay and admission leading to view makes plausible this selection-on- JC, 2 the career preparation attended while in JC and career development during the training portion of participation, and 4 work, to have a life. If a person is trained quit job explanation for resume relationships that are essential significant for whites, all of each of the samples considered. As will be clear shortly, as explained below the Job larger spells and most Hispanics why, it only mattered they as a consequence of high collinearity among the variables and.

Dorms one, two, and four were for males, and dorms three and five were for females. The student's ages ranged from sixteen to twenty-four yrs. old. I lived in. Free Essay: My goal and purpose for attending Job Corps is to fulfill my dream in However, students always need to consider what is their career goal in. Free Essay: Job Corps offers opportunities to receive academic and professional with federal Job Corps centers to complement students ' career training.