do video games cause violence essay

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Do video games cause violence essay security resume samples 2012

Do video games cause violence essay

According to the summary table from Quwaider et al, fighting games such as Tekken or Mortal Combat have a higher risk for hostile and aggressive behaviors. This is also the case with shooting games like Counterstrike or Hallo — the latter which can push for competitive inter-group or cooperative intra-group attitudes. Other studies published on Media Psychology or Elsevier have also established links between the increase of external behavior problems — such as more aggressive and violent behaviors — with playing first-person shooters games and other types of violent games.

The first study suggests aggressive cognitions and feelings occur independently of how technologically advanced the graphics are or the extent to which one feels immersed in the game. The second study had opposite results as it concluded more realistic games led to more physically violent intentions.

Further, multiplayer online role-playing games, often offering a more immersive reality, were found to be predictive of external behavioral difficulties like aggression or delinquency. Another study also demonstrated that playing a game containing the realism behavior of death did not lead to increases in violent behaviors. It looks like without knowing in detail the type of game and the personality and history of gamer, drawing conclusions upon the impact is hard and can be misleading.

Nonetheless, it seems hard to ignore the impact of video games on human behavior. In this respect, Quwaider et al. There is, however, one thing that can be generically assumed: playing video games for excessive periods of time means spending one of our most scarce resources: time.

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This amount of time a week will have a major effect of these children minds. Violent video games do effect children, whether the effect is immediate, long term or short lived, children should not be introduced to such behavior at such a young age. Violent video games reward children for violent behavior, increase aggression and teach children that it is okay to resolve conflict through violence.

Studies have produced reliable evidence to prove that violent video games do affect thoughts, heart rate and blood pressure. People who play violent video games have gunned down schools. Over the past years, video games have been a way to escape reality for some people.

Video games vary from fantasy, romance, and role playing games to violent games. However, vicious video games have been blamed for school shootings, growths in bullying, and violence concerning women. Various people argue that these games numb players to violence, recompense players for imitating violence, and educate children that violence is a suitable way to resolve conflicts.

Several studies display that video games with violent content are related to more hostile behavior in teens. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Violent video games have become more realistic every year.

Children spend about 40 hours seated in front of a screen killing cartoon characters. It has been debated whether minors under the age of 18 should play violent video games that contain physical harm, killing, and sexual assault. In the contrary, people say video games increases the capacity of learning of children, but violent video games cause great damages. Although there are an increase learning skills playing video games, violent video games should be prohibited to minors because it changes an individual behavior, physical, and brain.

Children and adolescents that play violent video games undergo through aggressive behavior. The violent activity in the video games influence …show more content… Children start to act rebellious at home such as screaming, breaking objects, and even causing physical harm.

However, when the minor encounters an argument with an individual they can physically harm or kill the individual. Such as, the massacre in high schools, the students that are bullied, plan to get back at the people by using violent actions. In other words the massacre shooting in West Paducah, Kentucky, and Littleton, Colorado, the high school students gained the knowledge of how to use a weapon to kill students.

Since they have been harm by classmates, these students were furious which lead them to act violently towards their classmates by killing them. Campbell mentioned that a Marksman expert said the high school 's students have never fired a gun in their lives. The results were that the group of low experience had lower sleep after playing the violent video games and the group of high experience there was no difference in sleep after playing the two games par 6. Children have a lack of sleep after being exposed to strong violence.

Traumatization occurs in children, leading to poor sleep after witnessing horrifying murders, the amount of blood, and the pain that characters go through. Also, violent video game makes an effect in children heart rate. Children feel anxiety when seeing these types of violent actions that is in the video games.

The situations that occur in the video games can happen in reality, that is where anxiety is created to children. Children are more easily to be scared of things that can take away their lives, therefore violent video games show them homicides leading them to have an effect on their health. Get Access. Satisfactory Essays. Vilent vide games affect on Teens Words 3 Pages. Vilent vide games affect on Teens. Read More. Best Essays.



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