pollution in big city essay

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Pollution in big city essay help to write english

Pollution in big city essay


Some of the major problems that contribute to environmental pollution were tackled in various ways depending with the type and nature of the pollution. In china a committee was formed in order to make reforms that will curb down environmental destruction by inspecting, preventing, and controlling solid waste disposal. Seeking technical requirement for the transportation of medical waste and incineration of medical wastes.

He completed it prior to its deadline and was thorough and informative. Authorities in cites have to ensure they do a thorough clean up and sanitation work in the cities, Merchant She stated further that, in cities it is easy to ignore picking dirt as one thinks that, another person will do that. Many countries have raised concerns over smuggling of hazardous chemicals, which is done by means of both export and import, hence a campaign on the crack down have been put in place.

Solving of pollution problems remains a task to many cities in the world due to the changing nature of activities and technologies. Some problems on pollution have been tackled only to spearhead other new ways of polluting the environment. New construction of residential homes and expansion of cites is so high and that makes sewerage system to overflow due to lack of expansion on it, garbage then litters almost everywhere due to population pressure that is uncontrollable.

Thubten Samphel. Tibet: state of the environment. A roadmap for collaborative development. Pollution in cities. Accessed July 22, Pollution in cities Categories: Environment Nature Pollution. Download paper. Essay, Pages 2 words.

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People used to go on foot or travelled on bullock carts or horse drawn carriages. People did not have to live with pollution, they were happy and healthy. They hurry of life today and fast moving means of transport has enveloped man with pollution so much that the has no hope of enjoying free and pure air.

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Furthermore, in Milwaukee, United States, , residents were ill and nearly people died because of pathogens in s. Land pollution, a problem which is placed in developing countries such as China and Philippines, Hill, may be defined as a kind of pollution produced by industrial pollution, agricultural pollution, and domestic pollution.

Since the close relationship between soil and water, land pollution, to some degree, can leads to water pollution. It is well known that the diffusion of heavy metals in solid waste can directly influences the quality of drinking water. As the examples mentioned above, arsenic and mercury, both come from solid waste and do harm to public health in large cities.

On the other hand, unscientific combustion of solid waste may also leads to air pollution. For instance, it is widely acknowledged that the combustion of plastic releases poisonous gas such as dioxin Hill, In conclusion, there are several pollutions affect human health in large cities.

Firstly, air pollution affects public health in respiratory and brain. Sulphur oxides and carbon monoxide have significant influence on respiratory and may lead to lung cancer. Secondly, water pollution could damage human health because it may contain toxic substance, e. Another main pollution is land pollution which has close association with air and water pollution and also affects human health.

In short, air, water and land pollution in large cities affect human health via making people absorbing poisonous substance and microbe. References: Ayres,J. In Hester, R. E and Harrison, R. Bashkin, V. Moscow: Kluwer academic publishers Hu, H.

Oxford University Press, Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. University of Nottingham. Malden MA: Blackwell. How does pollution in large cities affect human health?. How does pollution in large cities affect human health? Accessed July 22, In case you can't find a relevant example, our professional writers are ready to help you write a unique paper. Just talk to our smart assistant Amy and she'll connect you with the best match.

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Essay Sample: Pollution in the cities is a major concern to everyone in the modern world; this is because of the consequences that result from neglecting. I Air Pollution In Big Cities Essay am a student working part-time so the service is still quite expensive for me, but I need time to work and study. Because of large influx of population into cities the quantity of garbage is increasing. This is dumped into rivers thereby polluting water.