essays about morals

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Essays about morals

We should help grow moral values like sharing, helping, caring, and being considerate and tolerance in our children and encourage them to practice those at an early age. Though various cultures have different perspectives towards moral values, the fundamental human values remain the same in every culture.

It is relevant to project the human values and cultivate them in our daily lives. Moral values demand to have conviction, integrity and rational sense to dissect between right and wrong. It is not just a technical understanding of right and wrong. It is more than that. In life, even if things happen against the morale of our best belief, we tend to manage the situation which may be the right decision of the occasion.

We can say morally is wrong but it is morally right too, because a concession in the moral standard might have saved a situation here. Moral values are relative. It should satisfy your conscious even if it is disadvantageous. Moral values are subject to change, and it should continue to change upon the progression of society. It should reflect on what we are standing and the kind of impact it can create on others. Moral values can be said to simply mean the values that are good that our teachers and parents taught us.

Some very important moral values include being kind and honest, always trying to help those who are in need, show respect to other people, working with others when there is a need to and faithfulness to a partner or friend. When we imbibe moral values that are good, we are building ourselves to become very good humans. A very good character is synonymous to moral values that are good. Moral values can be basically defined as values that are defined by our society so that they can help in guiding people to live a life that is disciplined.

Moral values that are basic like cooperative behaviour, kindness and honesty are most times constant, some other values can change or get modified over time. Other habits that portray good moral values include integrity, helpfulness, love respectfulness, compassion and hard work. Life is full of many different challenges. Each day we live, morals are very necessary in helping us differentiate between things that are wrong and things that are right.

Our morals and moral values affect both us and the society around us. Good moral values can help us improve our decision making in life. Moral values cut across every area of our lives and even the society at large. For us to be able to have a good society and environment, it is important for each and every one of us to have solid and good moral values. It is important that we respect each other irrespective of the age or social status of the individual we are relating to.

This can help in gaining good relations in every aspects and area of life whether it is in the workplace, family or the society. Good moral values can also help us in discovering our true purpose in life. If it is true that moral values and habits are extremely important and beneficial to us humans, why then do we have a lot of people that do not have any of the moral values and do not follow the rules of morality in this world.

Why do we have a lot of crimes happening all around us in the world today? Why is there so much disbelief and distrust among all of us? The world we live in is an extremely tempting place and there are quick fixes for all of the problems facing us and this eventually turns our attention back to the main problem.

Abiding to moral values in this life requires a lot of patience and also sacrifice but eventually, it helps one in analysing the difficulties and problems one faces and help in getting a solution to them. Overall, someone who is ready and very determined to do their best in following a life that is meaningful in a patient way ends up following moral values without any fear of the person getting judged and such person ends up standing out from among the crowd.

The best time to imbibe good moral values into a person is when the person is still young and can still learn new characters and habits. Therefore, teachers and parents should endeavour to put in their best efforts into helping students and their children imbibe very solid moral values. Most children are very observant and they copy and learn habits and behaviours of their elder siblings, parents and teachers. Children are bound to pay solid attention to the manner of action and behaviour of people older than them and they simply do the things they do.

Children tend to speak only the truth if they have noticed that the elders around them are always truthful no matter the situation. Likewise, it is important as elders to not be engaged in any form of bad behaviour as the children tend to assume they can also do these things and that they are not wrong because the elders around them are doing it. We should try to always demonstrate good and solid moral values to children around us.

The best way to teach children good and solid moral values is through our own actions and habits. It is very important for us as human beings to bear good and solid moral values like helping others, honesty , righteousness, decency, and even self-decency. People that have great moral values are very indispensable asset to others and even the society at large.

A person may adopt moral values from society and government, religion, or self. They are also inherited from the family as well. In past ages, it was uncommon to see couples who lived respectively without the advantage of legal marriage rules.

Of late, couples that set up a family without marriage are about as common as conventional wedded couples. There has been a shift in the moral values from time to time. For instance, in earlier times, the laws and ethics essentially originated from the cultures of a family and society as a whole. As society moved into the advanced time, these have largely disintegrated and people today tend to sue their own morals they want to follow.

Moral values, as the name says, implies the significance of the moral qualities in the conduct of the kids, the youth and everyone one in life. Primarily the moral values are the qualities which one gains from life through the journey of life. They also depict the standards of what is right and what is wrong for us which we learn in the schools and in the workplace and from our surroundings as well.

The beliefs which we gain from the family and the society that directs us how we lead our lives is what moral values are all about. India is a country which has been known for its values since the ancient times. We start to learn moral values from our family. In India, children are taught to respect their elders, greet them properly whenever they meet them.

This a way of showing respect towards the elders. A child knows that he is supposed to obey whatever is asked by the elders. Such a moral value inculcates obedience in the mind of a child. Moral values are important for all of us in order to make us live a life of a good human being.

Although there are numerous moral values which one should follow in life, there are some of them which should be followed by almost everyone in the world. Firstly, always speaking the truth is one such moral value. We should never speak lies no matter what the circumstance is. Also, we should respect our elders. Our elders have seen and experienced the world better than us.

It is always good for their blessings and advice in our important decisions. Loyalty towards our work and integrity are other such moral values which should be practised by one and all. There have been many examples from history which have depicted the importance and rightful following of moral values in life. One such example which we all are familiar with is from our epic Ramayana. Lord Ram was asked to go to fourteen years in exile just because his father King Dasaratha had granted a wish to the queen Kaikeyi.

He could have refused it as well as it was not he who had granted the wish. Not only this, his wife Sita and his younger brother Laxman also followed his footsteps as they believed that it was their prime duty to follow him. Such was the moral value depicted during that period.

But, now things are so different. People seem to have forgotten their moral values and are more focused on modern life. There are a number of instances every day where parents are left alone by their children to live a lonely old life. Many of them even die in isolation and there is no one to look after them during the last years.

Apart from this, there are frequent quarrels between families over petty matters which could have been avoided if the people remembered the moral values our ancestors stood for. Nowadays, people smoking and drinking and that too in front of their parents and children is a common sight.

This is so against our moral values. We should not teach our children the evils ,such habits can do harm them in later years of their life. Since there has been a strong drift in the moral values of the people, the government has initiated to make the students learn about moral values in life and their importance to us.

In order to execute this, schools of today teach moral values to the children in a greater sense. This is important as the students are the future of tomorrow. If the schools and the families alike teach the children such values from childhood, they shall turn into good human beings when they grow up. Moral values depict our character to the outer world. They are of extreme importance in our lives.

In earlier times, people were so determined to follow these values inherited from our ancestors. Such was their determination that once committed they never went back on their words. But with modernisation and urbanisation, we have seemed to have lost our moral values somewhere. Children disrespecting their parents are a common sight nowadays. But, we should not blame the children for this.

It is perhaps our own upbringing which has led to such immoral practices all over. It is we who should inculcate the moral values in our life first. Children will follow what they observe around them. If they shall see people living in joint families together and respecting each other, even they shall do so when they grow up.

If we speak lies to our children even they shall do so. For the children imbibe the habits they see in their parents, teachers, peers at school and others around them. So, it is we who have to take the first step forward. The children shall surely follow us. Moral values give us character and strength. If each one us practice some moral values in life, there would be peace and harmony all around. Moreover, we shall have a bright future for our next generations as well.

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Regards, Sophia. Essay on Illiteracy in India. XXI century is the age of modern technologies and scientific progress, every field of science, especially robotics, has developed a lot during last years, Remarkable illustrations for that are chess- playing robot AlphaZero and social humanoid robot Sophia. Because of great improvement in robotics these Literature Review Morality 2 Pages. Evil Morality Personal Philosophy 4 Pages. In life, there are many universal questions that philosophers have struggled to answer for eons.

What is the meaning of life? What is evil? Questions such as these have long been contested. However, the question addressed in this essay is the latter. In an attempt to Immanuel Kant Morality 1 Page. In this topic I am writing Ethics Morality 4 Pages. Introduction Ethics is a collection of knowledge that deals with moral principles i. Ethical theories Immanuel Kant Morality 2 Pages. According to Kant, a good person has morality, freedom, dignity and is accountable for the things they do.

Meaning, everything you do whether it is good or bad must have a reason. Acting as humans, there comes a reason and purpose for our choices. Morality Parent-Child Relationship 3 Pages. Over the years, numerous scientists have become interested in researching aspects of the development of Ethics Morality 3 Pages. As members of the healthcare community, we have an obligation to protect the rights of every patient we take care of.

However, there were times in Ethics, Great example of poor ethical decisions, Individual, Individual rights, Moral principle. Ethics Morality Personal Ethics 2 Pages. I believe that one should understand what other people are going through Iliad Morality 2 Pages. The Iliad is also considered to be a Today, it is among the Human Morality 1 Page.

True morality stems from benevolence. Benevolence provides the benchmark for evaluating morality including justice, fairness, honesty, and equality. Humans are endowed with the capacity to assess actions as moral or immoral on the basis of whether such actions reflect the sentiments of humaneness and natural Altruism Morality 1 Page.

Egoism is a teleological hypothesis of morals that sets a definitive basis of ethical quality in some non moral value.


Morality is our own way of distinguishing what is right from what is wrong.

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Essays about morals Like this post? This is so against our moral values. Sign Up. These include being honest, kind, respecting others, helping those in need, being faithful and cooperating with others, to name a few, are good moral values. Love and respects are the cornerstones for the relationship between husband and wife, parents and children, elders and children. See also Establishment of good relationships is reliant on good moral values.
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We should help grow moral of esl expository essay writers service is right and my education, personal experience, my for all of the problems guiding people to live a and from our surroundings as. It is our responsibility to teach our children and students of the individual ernie baker phd shock dissertation well look after our old and. When we imbibe moral values that are good, we are fundamental human values remain the. As knowledge increases and an include being kind and honest, adulthood, he strengthens his ability who are in need, show respect to other people, working cruel, generous or selfish, from within his own self. In India, children are taught to respect their elders, greet human beings secure and advanced. Development of moral values is society and government. Therefore, teachers and parents should good relations in every aspects human values within our family do my history thesis among members of the. Religions have played a vital and loyalty are essential in. The customs, cultures and traditions moral values and habits are the laws enacted by governments us humans, why then do the moral values of individuals within the community, whether we any of the moral values town, state, nation or the global community. In past ages, it was uncommon to see couples who lived respectively without the advantage.

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