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Field trip report essay how to write out years

Field trip report essay


For example, if you visited a local arboretum, you might use information from display placards to describe your favorite types of foliage and their seasonal life cycles. Discuss the field trip location by describing the facilities and explaining what you saw or experienced. For example, if you visited an astronomy observatory, discuss viewing areas and the telescopes you used.

If you were using inside telescopes, describe the height of the domed ceilings, the different types of lighting and the approximate distance to the stars or planets. By providing extensive details, you show your teacher that you were paying close attention to the instructor, or in the observatory example, to the astronomer's explanations. You might also discuss any handouts or educational materials you received during the field trip.

Explain in your field trip report any new information or details that took you by surprise and include statistical data to support your findings. This type of data shows that you learned something during the field trip. For example, if you visited an underground cave, you might discuss a particular type of bat or an unusual plant that grows in the cave. Use outside research or information from the tour guide to support your data, and cite your references clearly, so your teacher knows where you got the information.

When possible, use academic journals or magazines to support details in your observation report of the field visit. Conclude your field trip report with a summary of your overall experience, including reasons why others might want to visit the location. You might include a brief summary of a personal discussion you had with the tour guide or field trip facilitator or cite a distinguishable fact from your research. If you participated in any hands-on activities or your class was allowed to see behind the scenes, you might end your paper by discussing those highlights.

To find out the major attraction of Lumbini. Methods of study:. First of all we fixed the date and place for the educational tour. We collected primary as well as secondary data by using various methods. We followed the following methods to collect the primary data about Lumbini. Observing methods.

Interviewing methods. Photography etc:. We also collected secondary data by consulting library books, by browsing internet etc. We also studied the relevant newspaper and magazines. By collecting various data, we found following things History of Buddha :. He was the son of king Suddhodhan and queen Mayadevi. So, he spent his childhood with luxury at Mayadevi temple. After years of. The major attraction of lumbini :.

In Lumbini there are many stupas which are the major agent to attract tourists. Mayadevi temple is the main attraction of Lumbini where we can see the footprint of Gautam Buddha. Except them the Shanti stupa, Chinese stupa, etc also attract people towards Lumbini.

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The Nyoongar makes up the local aboriginal language group living in this area. The aspects of the life and history of the Aboriginal Nyoongar population enlightens within the Fremantle Aboriginal Heritage Walking Tour Rivera, Tourists exploring the indigenous culture plus the history in Fremantle discover that Swan River is an important part of the Aboriginal Dreamtime. Tourists get familiar withthe story of Wagyltogether with the aspects of the aboriginal history within the Fremantle area during the aboriginal Heritage Walking Tour.

This particular report explores a field trip that took place at the Fremantle Aboriginal Heritage Walking Tour. As a requirement of the course, students are expected to take part in a field trip to an indigenous tourist destination. In this regard, the indigenous destination that is the subject of this report is the Fremantle, a place well known for its well-preserved architectural heritage.

In addition, they engaged in its colourful history, starting from its colonial and indigenous beginnings to its current boomtown, filled with corruption and crime. The students gathered outside the shipwrecks gallery in Fremantle, an area bordering the Fishing Boat Harbour. They were led by Greg Nannup of the Indigenous tours WA in the trip that took one and a half hours to complete. Field trip reports improve the educational value of a trip Kolin, The trips deal with the spatial relations among data and the time relationships like the cultural history or geological processes.

This report addresses two chief functions. First, it provides the practical experience that persuades students to realize the theoretical and conceptual discussions of their studies. Secondly, it improves the process of information gathering, as students are able to step outside their imagined perceptions to collect their experiences as the data for the knowledge founded on interpretation.

In equal proportions, the report imitates the learning and experience achieved during the field trip. Consequently, through the preparation of the report, students are able to ponder their enhancement proficiency within this field of indigenous tourism. Fremantle serves as a habitat to a majority of iconic and well-recognized tourist attraction sites. This makes it a notorious destination both for interstate and international visitors. Fremantle was originally home to mass accumulation and whaling stations.

It is an attractive little city, famous for its vast multicultural historical sites and restaurants. While people are busy exploring the place, they are likely to hear surprising noises of Irish prisoners as well as the comical British Bush rangers escaping.

In the past years when passenger ships served as the common means of transport for international travellers, Fremantle remained the western entrance to Australia. Several migrants arrived via the ship making this place their home. Currently, Fremantle still holds on to much of its usual charm. Fremantle enjoys a lively atmosphere given that there is always something taking place around the city, ranging from exhibitions, markets and concerts, festivals, to street performances.

With the radiant, educational, and entertaining experience, the trip was a success. It gave the student visitors the story of the Wagyl together with the bit on the aboriginal history within the Fremantle area. In the following years, it served as a holding cell to the aboriginal prisoners before they could proceed to the prison on the Rottnest Island. Yangan, an aboriginal resistance hero, is known to be among the first prisoners in Round House.

After his rebellion against the white settlers, he was trailed and murdered. His head was cut off from the body, after which it was brought to England. After an exhibition in a Liverpool museum, it was buried in a mass grave. However, after some years, the head was exhumed and an aboriginal delegation brought it back to Perth. The tale of the disastrous rates of indigenous imprisonment within Australia in the modern day and the twentieth century was explained to the students and they could not help but question on the relevance of the prison museum to the children of an aboriginal background.

Greg explained that the prison presents itself mainly as a site of convict imprisonment and virtually fails to notice the many years that after the convict period. This act stresses the diverse and fundamentally contested importance of such sites Frew and White, Convicts built the old Fremantle prison between the years to The prison contains an underground tunnel.

The students were able to learn new information concerning the convicts, maritime legends, and stories of free settlers. One surprising discovery for them was that the prison has numerous paranormal activities in the form of ghosts, who have been living in the prison from the past. For example, the red, yellow, and black aboriginal flag is a major symbol of resistance and nationalism Wilson, It is to be seen in a variety of places on the cell walls, in common places, and even as carved into sandstone walls.

Just as the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council state, while on an one-hour walk in Fremantle with an aboriginal guide, tourists are likely to learn concerning the importance of Fremantle to the Nyoongar people in addition to the dreaming tales concerning the area. The main experiences include the aboriginal culture plus history, traditional aboriginal hunting and gathering, aboriginal dreamtime, plus the tours of historic and sacred aboriginal sites.

Starting from the Fremantle Town Hall, the tour took a non-traditional route through Freo, at the same time getting to know of the precise, irrelevant, and subjective information of this place en route for the energetic cappuccino strip as well as the Roundhouse. The one and a half hour walk through the historic streets of the town, beginning at the Maritime Museum, through to the Roundhouse was of great significance.

A variety of aspects covering the history and life of the aboriginal Nyoongar populace became apparent within the Fremantle Aboriginal Heritage Walking Tour. As the Aboriginal guide took us through the path of native history and culture in Fremantle, the students realized that the Swan River is very much a part of the Aboriginal Dreamtime and the Aborigines treasure it as the most significant Dreaming trail within the larger part of Wagyl,also known as the winged Rainbow Serpent.

In the context of Aboriginal beliefs, the extraordinary creature, the Wagyl lived within the reaches of the Swan River. In addition, it is linked to the development of the riverbed, which took place when it glided through the sand. Others sites such as the Pinjara, the Serpentine River, and the Mandurah as well collect the past and present rituals and traditions of primeval ancient groups living along the coastline. Moreover, the students were able to learn of the fact that major developments remain suitable within the Swan River.

Hence, he was able to encourage the government that the greatest undertaking for Fremantle involved constructing a river mouth harbour. Certainly, the project was launched in , with the harbour opening up its doors in Likewise, the students learnt more concerning the history of the place. According to the Nyoongar aboriginals, visitors frequented Fremantle during summer months during which fish and shellfish were in plenty.

Greg recollected the history of fishing along the Swan River, demonstrating a way of using leaves and sticks to catch fish and crabs along the riverbanks. At the Fremantle harbour, the shallow waters formed a favourable environment for catching fish. Furthermore, Greg explained on the link between Fremantle and the aboriginals.

With regard to this, Greg did elaborate on the vital sites and their histories, and shared dreaming stories from the region. He explained how the European settlement interrupted the local people, the link with the Rottnest Island, and the significance of the Swan River. The lessons learnt here included that the name Fremantle was borrowed from Captain Fremantle. On arrival to the city, the Nyoongar people gave him food, water, and fire.

In addition, they sang throughout the night welcoming the white fella wadjella arrival. This was a novel refreshing approach to the old city from the eyes of the Nyoongar. In equal measures, the guide provided riveting insights into the traditional uses of plants, ranging from weaving, aid from stings, bandages, among others.

The informative walk beginning with a cultural traditional reception ritual, the tanderum in which the visitors breathe in the strong aroma of native foliage that burns and smokes. The walk then ends with lemon myrtle tea and a review of some traditional tools and weapons.

Uniformly, it helps preserve the natural, cultural, and social resources of the communities. Why or why not? Include information about how going to the location fostered your appreciation of recognized works of art. The essay should have 1-inch margins, be double-spaced, and use point Times New Roman font. It should be 3 to 4 pages in length approximately to 1, words , not counting the title page, image page, and list of works cited. Research sources must be cited properly within the essay and also listed on a Works Cited page.

All research sources must be properly cited and documented in MLA style. Submit essay from your field trip as a hard copy and online. Additionally, the essay must be accompanied by at least one of the following:. Local art museums. Course recommended textbook. The Field Trip Essay will assess your knowledge of great works of Western art and culture from the Early Renaissance to the Realist movement and, in particular, your ability to think critically and contextually about the arts.

Through comparing and contrasting two pieces of art, you will evaluate how two works of art can express similar or different styles, contexts, and cultural meanings. In this paper, you will communicate ideas regarding Western art and culture using the specialized vocabulary explored within the fine arts and humanities content learned throughout the course.

While the primary goal of this paper is not research, you are strongly encouraged to consult a few quality research sources to assist you in identifying your works and analyze their styles and historical contexts. Please see Canvas File folder for suggestions on which sources to consult. You will select two different works of art.

The two works should have some common elements such as subject matter, theme, or visual structure but have to be made during two different time periods and styles. Include at least one image of each work on the first page of your paper, before you start writing your introduction.

If possible, provide multiple images of your chosen pieces from websites and online sources , with different angles or views. In the paper, you will address how the style, theme, and meanings of a work of art relate to its various contexts historical, social, political, philosophical, artistic, etc. You will also examine the ways in which the style of an artwork affects the way it looks, and address how each piece expresses the visual features, formal elements, and thematic concerns of its particular style movement.

Begin your essay by stating the name of the museum where you saw the exhibition or place where you visited architectural works of art. Be sure to include your own observations and ideas. If you must quote or you chose to use key information taken from the gallery wall label be sure to cite it correctly see below! Lastly, give your opinion of the chosen works of art.

How was it installed? How might it have been improved upon? Please note that titles of artworks should be italicized or underlined. Proofreading is also essential as spell check does not catch everything i. The essay needs a thesis sentence, proper agreement of nouns and verbs, verb tense agreement, correct spelling, correct punctuation, and a conclusion.

You also should demonstrate your ability to use specific art history terms when necessary. If you need help expressing your ideas you can go to the Tutoring Center for technical advice on grammar, format, etc.

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The Art Of Writing Field Reports

Your sample has been sent. They created a perfect paper. Cite this page Field Trip. The dramatic effect of the also poetic: the brightness of with his talent of playing and perception of oneself. Title of your paper. Single spaced Double spaced. Dear WritersThank you we'll send you the essay. I was not the only. By continuing you agree to or irrelevant messages. Turn in your highest-quality paper one who enjoyed this painting.

Below are links to five sample field trip reports. They are actual student reports in their original form (no editing or spelling correction). Essay Sample: Excursion at the Montauban mine (September 21st, ) Montauban is a Zn-rich VMS deposit that has been exploited from to the s. Executive Summary Field trips serve one vital function as far as education is concerned. Field trips link the classroom experience with the.