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Federal legislators have been proposing laws intended to make English the business language of the United States. Almost every session of the Congress proposes an amendment to adopt English as the official national language. Despite efforts for this proposal the nation has over the years not yet made English as its national language.

The definition of an official language is that which has been specifically designated in the rule of the country. In many countries, officially used or recognized languages are mistaken for official language. An official language Nonetheless, its relationship with the biological impetus has often drawn two sides to it as alluded to by Zack. Thus; this argumentative essay presents both the sides to understand this feat. First and foremost, is the former viewpoint, which is the paradigm of race that splits people into races based on the biological fact, followed by attachment to diverse beliefs with regard to culture and mannerisms of those racial entities.

This conception is ideally old-fashioned Everybody gets equal opportunity to become successful, which is free enterprise. Technology and science is a back support for education. Several people in this world need education. This has to be supported by the government where people live. Unequal availability of education to people will create problems because the uneducated are unable to gain like the educated. To solve problems happening due to uneducation, the government has to spend lot of time and money.

The money and time spent to solve problems The ranking system has taken away the credibility of the school system. This paper establishes the un- credibility of the ranking system, and that the school board of Fairfax County was right in eliminating ranking, despite ranking being a common practice in the current schooling system. Higher-ranking students take a positive view on rankings system. These are a good thing, from a ranking perspective as it makes it easy to identify strengths in an instant.

While teachers, educationists, scholars, students and researchers are part of the system of education, parents, politicians and the society as a whole are also stakeholders directly or indirectly. Elementary and high-school education is of a general nature and form a base for higher education. It is higher education that shapes the careers and professions of young aspirants.

Higher education gives a direction to life and serves as a transition from adolescence to adulthood. It prepares the youth for earning money. The idea that college education is the preparation He needs space to live, space to gather resources, maintain a family, pass down assets to progeny, and so on. War like behavior is seen in many other species from ants to chimpanzees Thornton.

However, the one distinct feature that sets man apart from all the animals is the virtue of compassion, understanding and the ability to live in harmony. The world as we know today is a lot different from what nature has defined it to be. This issue is one of much debated issues in the American society and there is a difference of opinion among different sections of the society. Some find that violent computer games affect teenagers in a negative manner and cause violent tendencies in teenagers.

On the other side, there are many people who do not buy this argument and say that violent computer games do not cause violent tendencies in teens and they are merely a tool of entertainment. This paper intends to discuss effects of violent computer games along with Globalization altered the way businesses were operating and governments were handling international relations. Experts have different opinion on globalization, few consider that globalization has reduced the power of nation state because of global capital.

Some experts said that nation-state is still powerful, and adopt changes developed by globalization. This paper intends to discuss the impact of globalization on nation states, and how globalization reduced the power of the state. Fundamentally all countries across the world have become the part of global transformations. Capital, products, S Society. Nutrition has undoubtedly emerged as a dominant contemporary social and cultural value in contemporary U.

S society amid an escalating rate of heart disease and ongoing obesity epidemic. However, dietary choices on the individual level are often influenced by exterior forces which both mold the perception of what is considered to be healthy as well as the availability of genuinely healthy food to certain socio-economic segments of the population. In the consumer based capitalist society of the contemporary United States, food has become an agent which reinforces traditional gender roles and also serves as a primary indicator of the ever expanding degree The striking feel about the movie is that it taps two sides of the sensationalize issue such as the point of views of conservative Christians and also the question, is homosexuality a choice.

The most striking aspect about the film is that as early as the beginning, it points out that homosexuality is not something forced on anyone rather a life choice. The film actually presented an animated criticism of several theories mentioned by clinicians or theorist belief that sexual orientation changes over time. Nevertheless, counter arguments pertaining to whether or not U. After the counter argument reviews the situation, its stance shall be revoked, and the argument in favor of U.

Recently, worldwide news To compound the situation there are public opinions that support and dispute the ethical dilemma of employer drug testing. Employee drug use costs employers tens of millions of dollars every year. Around half of American employers require employee drug testing. The most common A lot has said about video games and more especially on the negative effects, they have on children. Video games, just like any technological development have been a pain and a cause of worry among many parents.

The thought of their children being addicted to playing video games cause chills among parent who move from one psychiatrist clinic to the other with the hope of finding a solution for the same. However, many more parents encourage and even get video games for their children. Video games have been considered a better alternative for children instead of indulging in other irresponsible behaviours or watching The article highlights the obesity initials taken by the government as its responsibility on a vast level to make improvements in the obesity rates.

In ancient Greece, philosophy means love for wisdom, in which people invest deeply on knowledge than in any other matter on Earth. To them, intelligence is the most essential character of a person. One of the products of the great Philosophy is Socrates. Today, Socrates is known to be one of the fathers of Philosophy Holbing.

Through the years, many definitions of Philosophy have persisted. One of these definitions that have been widely known in the field of Philosophy is the definition of Marcus Aurelius who is a They include televisions, computers and video games consoles. There are many researches that indicate that well- designed and age appropriate television and other electronic media use can be beneficial to children below the ages of five years.

There are certain programs that if well chosen for the children will be quite beneficial to the cognitive development of such children. The exposure of preschool children to technology can be quite optimal in that it allows children to experience a world that can never be readily available to them.

Higher education is practically costly, which affirms the significance of evaluating whether higher education is a worth investment. In the earlier decades, the value of education could hardly be challenged since obtaining a college degree placed one a unique position and respectable social class.

Furthermore, higher education offered individuals numerous opportunities in corporate, social and political arenas. However, with the high number of individuals who are pursuing higher education and the changing economy, the value of education in the contemporary world is questionable. Many scholars have explored the Despite the type of writing it, requires both talent and acquired skills. While some writers have inherent writing talents and others must put more effort in order to produce quality writing.

Many couples take divorce as the main solution for the marriage challenges. However, they fail to consider the demerits that come with choices they make. They are inconsiderate of the effects that follow their action. Divorce does not only affects but also children. Divorce can occur in a family where there are children as well as the ones without children.

It will be considerable to solve problems in the marriage if there are children than executing divorce. The children are innocent, and they need to be considered in case the parents The mind can build scenes, events and objects that exist in sub-conscious mind.

Every human being has some level or sense of imagination. In some people, the level of imaginations manifests itself in a developed form while, in others, it may be weak. In history, some of the most famous people who believed in the power of imagination include Albert Einstein. Einstein would sit down in his library Climate change is defined in the change in global climatic patterns since the midth century and is not limited to Analysis: The Obligation to Endure.

Environmental deterioration is probably the most heated debate of present day. Every day thousands speculate the damage human deeds do to the environment, Neither constitution nor any parents can stop children from playing video games, as children will find some or other way to play video games.

Law Excessive amount of violence in Video games is one of many debated topics in our society. A number of people say that it affects behaviour of children in a substantial manner. These people advocate to ban the games that cater violence on the other hands, a huge number of people do not agree with such logic. They oppose any such step and argue in favour of games even if they portray violence. This myth is further reinforced by the proclamations made by different political dignitaries like former British Prime Minister John Major who expressed the desire to create a 'classless society of opportunity' after he came into power back in s Lewis, But in Society further gives the voted in representational power to make decisions on their behalf read society.

Challenges arise when the elected representatives leave the people who elected them to live in the city. In no time, would have been detached from the electorate to the extent that they barely know the needs of the people they purport to represent. There have been many views from different groups of people including professionals, teachers, parents and even students.

Some of the views support the fact that high school graduates should take a year off before entering college while others oppose the debate. The two groups, however, have their own reasons that support either the opposition or the proposition. This paper is going to focus on the reasons why high school graduates should take a year At the postgraduate level, particularly, it expands the field of view of an individual and helps them to understand problems and analyze them from a global perspective.

When studying abroad, the chances of acquiring new knowledge are high. This normally occurs when students from different countries share their experiences, and then together come up with different solutions to these problems. Foreign students also get the opportunity to learn and improve on their language skills.

This has both short term and long term benefits. In the short term, Where do you find that Machiavelli and Hobbes coincide, and where do you find that they differ, in their accounts of human nature? One relevant fact to that is this essay questions inquires about the differences of the two thinkers.

Both of them had views of human nature that agreed on some points but disagreed on others. Register Internal server error. Please try again later. Forgot password? Password recovery email has been sent to email email. Type of Paper. Essay Topics. Educational Tools. Need more Argumentative Essay examples? Thomas Aquinas' proofs for the existence of God The very fact that some people believe in God while others object his existence fostered the need to seek evidence and facts that will proof that God indeed exist.

Read more. Existence of God. Industrial Revolution Argumentative Essays Example. Industrial Revolution and its Impact on the development of Nations The Industrial Revolution was one of the major phases of historic globalization wherein there was an exponential widening, deepening, and speeding up of global inter-connectedness. Industrial Revolution. The United States has always been a nation of immigrants, but not all of them have been welcomed or received the same opportunities for a better life.

United States. Don't waste your time searching for a sample. Copyright Law. Intellectual Property Law. Business Law. For a long time, this debate of Humans versus robot has persisted. Virtual Reality. Artificial Intelligence. Introduction This argumentative essay utilizes the mechanism of intertextuality to analyze three different English classics namely: Louisa May Alcott, Little Women ; R.

Discussion Intertextuality enables the establishment of relationships between texts. Advertisement is playing as an inseparable part of media, and the impact of this has been such that, that many times people are more interested in advertisement rather than any other things main purpose of media. Substance abuse is now common problem. Drug Abuse. Organizing into a group is an effective way to bring social change. Horatio Alger's ideas and ideal about the American Dream was drafted at a time when social scientists were discussing the survival of the fittest.

American Dream. Natural Cures Argumentative Essay Sample. There is truly nothing better than curling up in a cozy chair with a snack and a fantastic book. The Reader. In the case study examined, the patient was vomiting intermittently in postoperative care while receiving Morphine intravenously.

Ghana Relations Argumentative Essay. Argumentative Essay On Influence in Warfare. Throughout centuries of fighting, the fundamental basis of warfare remains the ideological or militaristic conflict between two opposing sides. French Revolution. I am writing about the question of the possibility of knowledge. The World. King Arthur. Round Table. Bachelor's Degree. Intuitionism should be the most interesting phenomenon in modern philosophy. Immanuel Kant. The Hare Psychopathy Checklists-Revised refers to a test that uses twenty question to assess and identify whether the offender is psychopathic or not.

Criminal Justice. Supreme Court. Social Issues. Mother Tongue Argumentative Essay Sample. Authors come up with great works by following a set of instructions that help their workflow. Social media needs to be policed, to maintain peace and order. Now that technological progress has made it possible to apply medical innovations for saving human lives, there has appeared a measure of dissonance between the advocates and the adversaries of patents.

Visiting the Auschwitz Argumentative Essay Samples. Admittedly, Visiting the Auschwitz museum gives one an opportunity to find a strangely familiar and unfathomable place. Real Estate. Since its existence, money has been a powerful tool, whose significance depended on the attitude of the money owner to it. Introduction I was a coward. Almost all classic songs are about love. Good Argumentative Essay On Islamophobia.

Public Relations. Positive thinking refers to the emotional and mental attitude that inclines on the bright part of life as well as expects positive results. This paper looks at the relationship between businesses and the environment. There are many cases of learners being attacked by people whether aware or not aware of the happening.

Atomic Bomb. Nuclear Weapon. There are numerous global challenges in the current world. Japan is an island country which is also known as the land of… Human Population Longevity Society 2 Pages. A true plant-based… Diet Vegan Vegetarianism 3 Pages.

Cannot find an essay? Try advanced search. An argumentative essay aims to investigate a chosen topic and collect sufficient information with evidence. It must have a clear thesis that makes a statement. Use transitional passages and explain your ideas with the help of examples. Have a look at free argumentative essay examples to learn about the structure and see how the author presented an argument. What should you not do in an argumentative essay? The trick is to avoid choosing argumentative essay titles that remain between two opinions.

Once you have a good argument, it must take a side, yet never sound too opinionated. If you say something, provide evidence. Seek for argumentative essay topics that can influence your readers but avoid controversial ideas. Composing your thesis statement, start with a list of sources. Types of argumentative essays. These include a classic example of an argumentative essay with an introduction, background, an argument, counter-opinions, and conclusion. The Toulman style adds a claim with the reasons, qualifiers, evidence, specific conditions, and responses.

The final type is Rogerian argumentative, which has an introduction, your context, author's position, the list of benefits of your opponents a counter-opinion , and a conclusion. What are the 5 parts of an argumentative essay? Since there are different meanings to the five parts used in examples of argumentative essays, it must be said that the structure part must include "Introduction - Thesis - Main Body Part - Counter-Arguments Paragraph - Conclusion".

Following this structure, you will be able to get rid of all the unnecessary parts and avoid including your thoughts where they are not meant to be. You can see our argumentative samples as the reference of structure. Can I be used in an argumentative essay? The standards of academic writing do not recommend using the first person since an argumentative essay belongs to research writing where the focus is on the argument you make, not your personality.

It is not the reflection essay as well. The target audience knows that you are the author. Still, you present argumentation based on research done by the others as the evidence, therefore, consider this fact. How do you start an argumentative essay? The most important part of starting a successful argumentative essay is coming up with a good topic, thesis sentence statement, and a list of sources that will support your argumentation.

These three elements are essential because they represent the core of your argumentative writing. Check our free argumentative essay examples to see how the argumentation in the thesis is supported by the evidence and citations.

Do not ignore the introduction part with the sentences that set the topic for your essay. They must be present to let the readers know why your argumentative part takes place. What words are used in an argumentative essay? The words that you use will usually serve the purpose of transition or linking words.

Check our sample argumentative essay to see if you can spot any of these words. If they seem redundant to you, remember that they act as the bridges between ideas and the paragraphs in your writing that help readers stay on the same brainwave as they read through your argumentation. Got it. Haven't found the right essay? Get an expert to write you the one you need! Get your paper now.

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For my argument, I believe since everyone has some form of moral responsibility, no one can have full possession of free will. This will be supported through. Free Essays from Help Me | Everyone needs to know how to write a persuasive essay. It's actually not as difficult as it seems. Give yourself time. Our sample base contains dozens of free argumentative essay examples you can use to improve your writing skills. Try it now!